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Whether you've welcomed a new baby into your home or you're ready to uplevel your playroom and create a space your little learner can thrive in, I've got a workshop or course that'll support you along your playful journey!

Inside these resources, I'm sharing the step by step strategies and frameworks I've used to create a playful home for my own little learners as well as the thousands of parents and caregivers I've supported inside the Little Play Club over the last four years.

Ready for the light bulb moments? Let's go!

Play Schema Bundle - $39

Exhausted from redirecting your toddler from throwing their toys all over the room? Wondering why they cover their entire body in paint or cover every surface with stickers? Wishing they'd stop unravelling the toilet paper roll across the entire house?

Our Play Schema bundle will teach you how to turn those mischievous toddler moments into playful invitations your child will actually enjoy for more than 6 seconds so you can see more purposeful independent play!

Get all the resources in one easy location!

With each stage in your child's early years, different challenges come to light. You might be struggling with independent play when you bring a new baby home, or wondering how to help your preschooler get ready to start school. 

You might only need to make a few subtle changes to your approach to play which will see your little learner growing in confidence and independence and see you creating a beautiful connection through play! We'll be right there beside you to support you!

Our Little Play Club members have access to an entire Play Portal filled with video lessons, play ideas and printables designed to support families throughout all of the stages in their playful journey.

Embark on a journey of bonded play and connection with your little learner!

Discover the Little Play Club, a monthly membership where independent play thrives and you find moments to recharge while nurturing your little learner's development, all through play!