Practise early math skills with your little learner!

  • Quick and easy number and counting practice!
  • Simply print the jars and add a dice and some insects for a fun, hands-on maths game!
  • This game helps build foundational understandings of number, counting and subitising (knowing how many without counting).
  • Comes with printable lolly cards or you can use manipulatives like counters or animal figurines
  • Subitising is the ability to quickly recognise the amount of objects in a small group without having to count
  • A great way to develop the skill of subitising while exploring standard dice representations of numbers from 1 to 6
FREE subitising candy dice game for learning how to subitise | Knowing how many there are in a collection without counting | Fun games for Kindergarten, Prep and Foundation students and children | Australian Curriculum - Numeracy, Number |