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Word Family and Rhyming Word Books

$8.00 AUD inc. GST

Review word families and rhyming words with these simple mini books!

Learn about word families and rhyming words with these mini word family books! Perfect for emergent readers and even struggling readers, your kindergarten and preschool kids will love decoding the simple CVC and CCVC words in these books!

Includes QLD Beginners Font, NSW Foundation Font, VIC Modern Cursive Font, SA Font, TAS Font and a Standard Primary Font suitable for all!

What’s Included?

  • 14 mini word family books in B&W and colour!
  • at (bat, cat, mat, hat, rat)
  • ad (pad, sad, bad, dad, mad)
  • am (ram, dam, yam, jam, ham)
  • an (pan, can, van, fan, man)
  • ar (bar, car, jar, far, star)
  • en (hen, men, ten, pen, den)
  • et (jet, wet, vet, pet, net)
  • ig (dig, fig, wig, fig, big)
  • in (bin, win, fin, pin, tin)
  • ip (dip, zip, tip, hip, lip)
  • og (dog, jog, log, fog, frog)
  • op (mop, top, cop, hop, stop)
  • ug (bug, jug, mug, rug, hug)
  • un (bun, sun, run, nun)

“My preps will love these little books – very easy resource to use!”

Use these mini books to revisit and review word families that you have already covered or use them to introduce a new word family. Simply copy the pages required and have students write their name on the cover and then colour, cut and staple the pages together.

Add the mini books to your library or send home for your students to review with their parents at home! Use these mini books in your literacy centers, reading groups or phonemic awareness lessons!

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Your download includes the following fonts:

  • Primary Font – standard font for all young children
  • All Australian State School Fonts – QLD Beginner’s Font, NSW Foundation Font, VIC Modern Cursive Font, SA Font and TAS Font.

Happy playful learning!

Please note that this is a DIGITAL product and that no physical product will be delivered. You will be able to download the PDF files at any time by logging into your account after purchase.

Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years)

Key Learning Area


Product Type

Worksheets and Printables

Number of Pages

32 pages

File Type

PDF File


NSW School Font, Primary Font, QLD Beginner's, SA School Font, Tasmanian School Font, VIC, WA & NT School Font


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