Mechanic Dramatic Play

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Your little learners will LOVE playing in their Mechanic dramatic play space!

Dramatic Play is a great way to develop oral language skills, cooperation, content vocabulary and social skills in your early childhood classroom!

Use this packet to set up a Mechanic or Auto Shop in your dramatic play space. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, in fact you probably have a lot of resources already around the classroom or home that you can use! You might even like to ask your students to help collect objects they can use!

In order to save you some time preparing signs, labels and printables for your imaginative play, I’ve created a bunch of wonderful printables ready to use in your Mechanic role-play area!

Included in this packet:

  • Several pages of set up inspiration!
  • Suggested materials to collect
  • Mechanic and Auto Shop bunting
  • Open and closed signs
  • 2 x ‘Welcome to the Mechanic’ and ‘Welcome to the Auto Shop’ signs
  • ‘Opening times’ sign – filled in and blank
  • ‘Worker of the Week’ signs with boy and girl versions
  • Large rectangular labels for simple set ups (tools, uniforms, car parts, accessories, files, car wash, Oils & Fluids)
  • Labels for all tools (wrench, screwdriver, screws, drill, pliers, hammer)
  • Labels for mechanic specific equipment (oil, tyres/tires, funnel, battery, coolant, engine, gloves etc)
  • Labels for cash wash specific equipment (buckets, hose, sponges, car shampoo)
  • Labels for car parts (keys, number plates, headlights, mirrors etc)
  • Reception signs
  • Workshop, Car Wash and Paint Room signs
  • ‘Staff Only beyond this point’ sign
  • Signs for fluids (OIL, FLUID, ENGINE COOLANT)
  • ‘Safety Rules’ sign
  • Special deals and promotions posters and signs
  • ‘We can fix your…’ sign with matching vehicle signs (car, motorbike/motorcycle, truck, digger, plane etc)
  • Parts of a Car, Parts of a Ute, Parts of a Motorbike, Parts of a Truck, Parts of a Motorcycle labeled signs
  • ‘Today’s Specials’ sign with various special cards (for example, Safety Check $60.00 and Decorative Number Plates $20.00)
  • Specials include prices in $ and also blank cards for International Currencies
  • Various dashboard printables including radio, speedometer, air conditioning, GPS and temperature guage
  • Coloured service checklist to add to clipboard
  • Blank and filled in number plates
  • Colour and B&W driver’s license templates with UK and US spelling
  • Safety Certificates
  • Job tags – Mechanic, Customer, Receptionist, Painter, Car Washer
  • ‘Customer Bookings’ cover
  • 2x variations of customer bookings forms
  • ‘Customer Files’ cover
  • ‘What work needs to be done?’ simple customer form for students to colour or circle problem areas (car, van, motorbike, ute, plane, truck, excavator)
  • Customer Booking Form with different versions for US and UK terms and spelling
  • 2 x variations of Mechanic Reports with different versions for US and UK terms and spelling
  • Design a Vehicle printable
  • Mechanic Receipt printable
  • Mechanic vocabulary mats with US and UK spellings of tire/tyre

All labels and signs include both AUS and US spelling and vocabulary!

Your little learners will develop fine motor skills as they play in the Mechanic. They can use small pegs and clips to attach cords and tubing to their cars. They’ll also love creating their own box cars using cardboard boxes and recycled materials like paper plates and patty pans.

As your little learners explore the Mechanic, they’ll also develop early reading and writing skills. They will begin to recognise familiar words and extend their vocabulary as they become familiar with the labels. The customer forms and mechanic reports are a wonderful way to encourage pre-writing.

Play-based learning is full of opportunities to learn and explore!

Inside, you’ll find a list of suggested materials and set up ideas so all you need to do is print and go – the hard work has been done for you!

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Happy playful learning!

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Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years), Preschool (age 3-4 years), Toddler (2-3 years)

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PDF File

Key Learning Area

Early Learning, Imaginative Play

Number of Pages

91 pages

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Play-Based Learning


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