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Living Things – Animals, Plants and Their Needs

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Your little learners will love exploring the needs of living things with this hands-on Science unit!

Your little learners will love exploring the needs of living things with this hands-on Science unit! Set up an investigation table with word wall cards and posters. Explore what plants and animals need to survive with engaging activities and experiments. All of the activities also have matching printables or worksheets!

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With over 100 pages of hands-on activities, experiments, matching worksheets, labels and displays, absolutely all of your planning has been done for you! Simply print, prepare and teach!

“I love this unit. It is one of the most complete – doable – layouts I have seen. I especially like that each section is not necessarily dependent upon the other, but also that they connect. Thank you.” – Rebecca

The unit is split into three separate parts:

Part 1 – Exploring Living and Non-Living (pages 10-35)

Your little learners will explore what makes something living with several fun, hands-on activities and their matching printables. Picture sorts with real photographs, magazine searches and comparing and contrasting earthworms and gummy worms are just some of the fun activities you’ll find in Part 1. You’ll also find a beautiful printable display for your investigation area – Living things eat, breathe, grow, reproduce and move.

Part 2 – Exploring Animals and their needs (pages 36-59)

By introducing a class pet, your little learners will be able to observe and explore the needs of animals. You will find a range of printable signs and resources to display in your investigation area such as a display outlining class pet expectations and an observation journal. Your little learners will also create habitats suitable for a range of different animals ensuring that all of their needs are met. This particular activity also provides your little learners with an opportunity to engage in sensory play – my favourite way to learn!

Part 3 – Exploring Plants and their needs (pages 60-109)

Through a series of hands-on experiments and activities, your little learners will explore what plants need to stay alive. Your little learners will grow cress heads, test whether or not plants need sunlight and water; and explore how plants use their stems and leaves to store water. By growing seeds in ziplock bags, your little learners will observe the life cycle of a plant. Every activity has matching printables so that you can easily assess student knowledge and understanding. You will also find a beautiful book full of photgraphs of plants that grow in different locations such as the ocean, ponds, gardens and even inside your house!

After completing this unit, you will have addressed the Foundation Year Biological Sciences strand of the Australian Curriculum!

While I design my resources with Australian students in mind, I also include alternative US spelling too.

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Happy playful learning!

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Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years)

Key Learning Area


Product Type

Units and Themes, Worksheets and Printables

Number of Pages

118 pages


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