Feelings Play Pack

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Support your toddler or preschooler to learn all about their feelings and emotions with this hands-on activity pack!

Support your toddler or preschooler to learn all about their feelings and emotions with this hands-on activity pack! Inside, you’ll find 75 pages of age-appropriate printables, learning resources and play ideas to support your child as they explore their feelings.

What’s included?

  • Feelings bunting display
  • Resources to set up your own calm down corner with feelings cards, ‘I am feeling’ poster and coping strategy and calming strategy posters and cards
  • Suggested items to collect to include in a calm down box with ‘Calm down box’ label
  • Play ideas to support your child including feelings discovery basket, painting to music, puzzles, feelings face biscuits, feelings in colour collages, face story stones, small world play, random acts of kindness, loose part play and more!
  • Printables to support your child including happy and sad picture sorts, face mats, sentence strips and pre-reading book

This play pack will provide you with all the resources you need to explore feelings with your little learner!

You might like to prepare a calm down space in your home – a safe space to calm little bodies when they’re feeling overwhelmed by big emotions. A space like this is perfect for allowing your child the space to self-regulate and process big, tricky feelings.

When a child is feeling upset or even angry, they can’t process what we say to them because their body is in fight or flight mode. Rather than a traditional ‘time out’ space, something like a calm down spot can give your child a safe space to de-escalate and calm their little bodies. The resources in this pack will arm you with all the tools you need to set up this space and explore feelings in a fun, age-appropriate way.

The boys are loving this months play pack!!!! Having three boys……we have some pretty major emotions in our houses the boys have always been very good at identifying and naming their emotions but we are particularly loving the calm down box and corner. It gives the boys a tool to be able to help themselves regulate their emotions. Can’t wait to keep playing!” – Kelly

When we can explore themes like emotions and feelings through play, we are meeting our children where they’re at. We can talk about things that make us feel happy and sad and use those experiences to connect with our little learners in a safe and engaging way.

Happy playful learning!

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Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years), Preschool (age 3-4 years), Toddler (2-3 years)

File Type

PDF File

Number of Pages

75 pages

Key Learning Area

Behaviour Management, Early Learning, Fine Motor, Literacy, Numeracy

Product Type

Hands-on Learning, Posters and Organisation, Units and Themes, Worksheets and Printables


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