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Dinosaur Dig Dramatic Play

$8.00 AUD inc. GST

Set up your very own Dinosaur Dig Site and Laboratory with these fun printables!

Dramatic Play is a great way to develop oral language skills, cooperation, content vocabulary and social skills with your little learners!

Use this packet to set up a Dinosaur Dig site and Laboratory in your home or classroom. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money, in fact you probably have a lot of resources in your cupboard ready to go. Make some fossils and bones following the instructions in this pack, collect some brushes, trays and sand and you’re good to go!

In order to save you some time preparing signs, labels and printables for your imaginative play, I’ve created a bunch of wonderful printables ready to use in your Dinosaur Dig themed role-play area!

Included in this packet:

  • Several pages of set up inspiration and recipes (fossils, bones and dinosaur eggs)
  • Suggested materials to collect
  • ‘Dinosaur Dig’ bunting to hang in your dramatic play centre
  • ‘Welcome to the Dinosaur Dig’ and ‘Welcome to the Dig Site’ signs
  • Dig site map printable
  • Signs for your space including ‘Paleontologist sign in’ and warning/caution signs
  • Dinosaur labels (Diplodocus, Ankylosaurus, mammoth, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Pterodactyl)
  • Large labels for fossils, bones, eggs, large bones and small bones
  • Smaller vocabulary labels for your Dinosaur Dig (including bucket, brush, tray, clipboards, hats, camera, records, magnifying glass etc)
  • Laboratory signs x 2
  • 3 x area signs including fossil cleaning, identification and assembly and DNA testing
  • “STOP! Are you wearing your lab coat and gloves?’ sign
  • Smaller vocabulary labels for your Laboratory (including microscope, computer, tray, records, gloves, tools, fossils etc)
  • Keypad to print and attach to your door with matching Lab Assistant key cards for your children to write their names on
  • Empty tags for children to write on and attach to their findings
  • Role tags including Paleontologist, Lab Assistant, Excavator, Site Supervisor, Photographer and Museum Curator
  • Paleontologist sign in sheets (two versions)
  • Field Journal covers and Lab Journal covers (with boy and girl options)
  • Several observation notes and field entry printables for various level writers (some are colour-in style, others have more space for drawing and some are more for writers)
  • Vocabulary mat to help facilitate early writing

All labels and signs include both AUS and US spelling and vocabulary where applicable.

Your little learners will love extending on their dinosaur knowledge as they role-play in your Dinosaur Dig Site and Laboratory!  As they play, they’ll develop their oral language skills, their vocabulary and learn how to problem solve as they play with peers. They’ll develop fine motor skills as they brush away sand from their fossils and carefully transfer their finds to trays. There are so many opportunities for play-based learning with this pack!

As your little learners explore your dramatic play space, they’ll also develop early reading and writing skills. They will begin to recognise familiar words and extend their vocabulary as they become familiar with the labels. The Field Journal and Lab Journal booklets and matching printables are a wonderful way to encourage pre-writing!

Play-based learning is full of opportunities to learn and explore!

Inside the packet, you’ll find a list of suggested materials and set up ideas so all you need to do is print and go – the hard work has been done for you.

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Happy playful learning!

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Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years), Preschool (age 3-4 years)

File Type

PDF File

Key Learning Area

Early Learning, Imaginative Play, Literacy, Play-Based Learning, Science

Product Type

Play-Based Learning


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