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CVC Word Cards for Magnetic Letters

$6.00 AUD inc. GST

Your little learners will love building CVC words with magnetic letters!

These CVC cards are a wonderful addition to your small group activities and literacy centers! Perfect for struggling readers, blending sounds, word families and phonics, your kindergarten and preschool kids will love building CVC words with this simple CVC game!

What’s Included?

A set of 48 CVC cards as follows:

  • at – cat, hat, mat
  • ad – mad, dad, sad
  • ap – map, nap, tap
  • eg – leg, beg, peg
  • en – hen, pen, ten
  • et – vet, wet, net
  • ig – dig, wig, pig
  • in – pin, bin, tin
  • ip – dip, lip, zip
  • ix – fix, mix, six
  • og – dog, fog, log
  • op – hop, mop, top
  • ot – dot, hot, pot
  • ug – bug, hug, jug
  • un – sun, run
  • ut – hut, nut
  • ud – mud, bud

Simply cut out and laminate the cards! Add them to a literacy center with some magnetic letters or white board markers and they’re ready to use over and over!

“This is exactly what I was looking for! Saved me a ton of work and time! Thank you!” – Karen

You might even like to use them as a whole class activity where each student has their own card and whiteboard marker. Students can sound out their word, write the sounds and hold it up for you to quickly check for understanding.

Check out my other activities for rhyming words and word families!

Happy playful learning!

Please note that this is a DIGITAL product and that no physical product will be delivered. You will be able to download the PDF file at any time by logging into your account after purchase.

Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years)

Key Learning Area


Product Type

Games and Centres, Worksheets and Printables

Number of Pages

20 pages

File Type

PDF File


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