Bakery Dramatic Play

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Set up an engaging Bakery Dramatic Play space for your little learners!

Set up your bakery dramatic play space with these fun printable! Featuring signs, labels, order forms, dough recipe cards and more. Your preschool kids and toddlers will love engaging in imaginative role-play inside their Bakery Dramatic Play space!

Imaginative Play is a great way to develop oral language skills, cooperation, content vocabulary and social skills in your early childhood classroom! Inside this packet, you’ll find posters, labels, printable fill-in forms and more!

What’s included?

  • Several pages of play set up inspiration
  • Suggested materials to collect
  • Instructions for making DIY salt dough food
  • Bakery bunting
  • Open and Closed signs
  • 2 x ‘Welcome to the Bakery’ signs
  • ‘Opening times’ sign – filled in and blank
  • ‘Worker of the week’ signs with boy and girl versions
  • ‘Please wait here to be served’ sign
  • ‘Please pay here’ sign
  • ‘Staff Only’ sign
  • ‘Meal Deal’ sign with blank template for International Currencies
  • ‘Kitchen’ sign
  • Square food labels (breads, pastries, desserts, cookies, rolls, doughnuts, cakes, drinks)
  • Smaller rectangle labels (rolls, bread, croissants, muffins, pretzels, sausage rolls, cakes, cupcakes, baguettes, doughnuts, cookies, pies, slices, hot cross buns, tarts, cinnamon rolls)
  • Labels for equipment (for example, oven, pastry, mixing bowl, baking tray, paper bags, spatula, rolling pin etc)
  • Square equipment labels (baker’s hat and clothing, utensils, plates and bags, ingredients) for a quick and easy set up!
  • Blank labels for any additional equipment or food
  • ‘Today’s Special’ sign with 12 various special cards (for example, ‘Muffin and drink $6.00)
  • Specials include prices in $ and also blank cards for International Currencies
  • ‘Delivery Truck’ label
  • ‘Special Events’ inspiration booklet with wedding cake, birthday cake, doughnut platter etc inspiration pages!
  • ‘Price List’ and ‘Menu’ header
  • Food price cards in $ and blank for International Currencies so you can build your own menu!
  • Blank price tag printables
  • ‘How to make dough’ cards with steps
  • Bakery Punch Cards
  • Job tags – Cashier, Baker, Decorator, Customer, Delivery Person
  • ‘Recipe Book’ cover
  • Blank recipe cards in various blank line masters for various writing abilities
  • ‘Customer Orders’ cover
  • ‘Customer Order Forms’ printables for various writing abilities
  • Bakery Receipt printable
  • Bakery vocabulary mat

AND includes both a Hessian and Blue coloured packet with AUS and US spelling and vocabulary!

Your little learners will develop early reading and writing skills as they play in the Bakery! They will begin to recognise familiar words and extend their vocabulary as they become familiar with the labels.

This Bakery will develop early measurement skills as they role play with money and measure ingredients to make dough! It’s also a wonderful way to develop those fine motor skills required to learn to write as they use their small finger muscles to knead dough, decorate food props and use tongs to place food into bags!

Inside, you’ll find a list of suggested materials and set up ideas so all you need to do is print and go – the hard work has been done for you!

This Bakery Dramatic Play set includes both a hessian coloured and blue coloured packet of printables!

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Happy playful learning!

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Age Range

Foundation and Prep (age 4-5 years), Preschool (age 3-4 years)

File Type

PDF File

Key Learning Area

Imaginative Play, Play-Based Learning

Number of Pages

84 pages

Product Type

Play-Based Learning


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