Create a purposeful play space your children can thrive in!

Even if you feel like you're drowning in toys and have no space, your little learners will be able to play independently AND clean up by themselves!

Are you tired of trying to entertain your kids all day long?!

  • The kids have pulled out every toy, book and that musical instrument in the toy box...but they're still begging you to play with them. all.day.long.
  • You spend a lot of money on 'educational toys' hoping they'll be the missing part of the puzzle...but they end up getting thrown all over the place with the rest of the toys!
  • You get frustrated as you stumble across missing toy pieces; there's just no system in place because your partner just throws everything in the toy box just like the kids do!
  • You spend days throwing things out, sorting and trying to organise the space yourself...only to have it looking exactly the same in a few days. You wonder why you bother trying to keep things tidy!

You're drowning in toys but nobody is playing...

You wonder if maybe they're just not engaged because the room is such a mess. 

You suggest everyone pitch in and help tidy but suddenly everyone is hungry/needs to wee/has to go outside and jump on the trampoline because the mess is so overwhelming!

So you're left to tidy all by yourself. And it takes 3 hours.

You tell the kids you're going to throw all the toys away if they ever let the room get this messy again. But by 3:25pm that afternoon, the room is a mess again and everyone is bored. Again.

You've been struggling with the constant toy mess and kid clutter for what feels like a lifetime!

But it doesn't have to be this way!

Hey there, I'm Casey!

When my eldest daughter was a toddler, I really struggled to get her to play independently. I'd head to Target in search of the latest-and-greatest toys hoping that if I just added MORE toys, she'd play for longer. But boy was I wrong!

You see, the saying less is more is true when we curate toys and play spaces for our little learners.

By making just a few simple and subtle tweaks to our play spaces and systems to truly simplify play, we're rewarded with the most incredible independent play and play spaces that support and nurture our little learners and their development!

And that's something we'd all love, right?!

Play is how our children learn and make sense of the world around them. There's endless research supporting the idea that while our children are engaged in playful experiences, they're strengthening neural pathways in their brain - they're literally building their brains while they play. This is something we desperately need to protect in a world that's busier than ever.

When you take the time to learn how to create a purposeful play space, your little learner will be engaged in their play for longer, be more deeply engaged and focused in their play, be able to access their toys independently, AND the best part? Pack-up time will become a total breeze! Are you ready to say goodbye to the tidy-up-time meltdowns!?

There is no better way to nurture your child's development through play, than with a thoughtfully prepared play space!

I'd been attempting toy rotation for a while, somewhat unsuccessfully!

As I didn't have a good storage system for the toys out of rotation, they always seemed to end up back in the play spaces which then resulted in uninviting and confusing play areas. 

I absolutely love seeing all of your amazing spaces and storage systems. They have totally inspired me to keep at it and get this #toyrotation sorted...you sure have made a lasting impact on me and my children, and for that I will be forever grateful!

- Cass

Introducing the Purposeful Play Spaces Workshop.

An online workshop series to support playful parents in creating thriving play spaces for their little learners so they never have to spend hours cleaning the play room again!

Are you ready to earn how to set up a play space (big OR small!) that encourages hours of intentional and independent play and learning? Let's take the mess and stress away!

Check out what's included!

'5 Steps for decluttering' session

Decluttering is always the hardest (and most overwhelming!) part when you decide to make changes to your play space and systems!

In this session, I'll teach you my easy-peasy 5 step process for decluttering, sorting and storing your toys - with bonus kid-friendly labels!

'Creating a purposeful play space' session

Don't just throw everything in a room and call it a day, learn about the features of a purposeful play space so you can design a space that works for you and your unique family!

In this session, we'll explore the benefits and disadvantages of dedicated play rooms; the qualities of an inviting, accessible space; and how to design your play space to facilitate independent play - with real-world examples!)

'getting started with toy rotation' session

Toy rotation is the easiest and fastest way to remove the toy overwhelm from your home! When you rotate toys, old toys feel new again; pack up time is a breeze; and children are more focused and play longer in a space that is organised and welcoming!

In this session, I'll teach you my best tips for creating a toy rotation system you can stick with so you can spend your time actually enjoying your kids and not harassing them to tidy up!!

PLUS these incredible bonuses!

Use these bonus printables to help you sort and organise your toys in a way that's accessible for your little learners to use independently too!

Even though you don't need to go and buy a stack of new furniture, this bonus shares some of my own personal favourite storage systems!

This curated collection of open-ended toys and resources will help nurture loads of independent, child-led play! Use the list to help you shop for special days!

And your investment? Just $37!

You've got questions? I've got answers!

I don't have a lot of space. Will this work for me?

It sure will! The tips I share will work for any sized play space, big or small! In fact, I also share real examples of play spaces, many of which are in little nooks in living spaces! The strategies work regardless of the size of your space.

Am I gonna need to go buy a bunch of stuff after finishing the workshop?

Not at all! In fact, I encourage you to use exactly what you have! Of course I can also provide you with some inspiration should you wish to upgrade any furniture but I promise you can create a beautiful, engaging play space with what you have already!

Is this workshop interactive? Can I ask questions?

I cover everything you need to know about creating a purposeful play space for your little learners in this workshop and I can point you towards additional free resources available on our website! If you happen to have any questions after working your way through the content I've created for you, just pop me an email and I'll be more than happy to answer them for you!

How much time is this going to take?

We're all super busy as parents and already have a billion things on our to do list - so I've compiled all of my best tips into a workshop that you can consume and action over a single weekend!

In fact, busy parents are exactly who I've created this workshop for - I'm here to help take things off your plate to give you more time freedom as a parent.

Will the space stay organised and clean?

Heck yes it will! Play by nature is messy work, but by using the methods I teach in this workshop, it becomes so easy to keep your play spaces organised and clean!

How are my kids gonna benefit from having a purposeful play space?

Rotating toys encourages creative, adaptive play. We see children more engaged and focused in their play. Pack up time becomes quick, easy and something even a young toddler is capable of helping with! Toy rotation makes old toys feel new again and an organised play space is inviting and welcoming. But at the end of the day? An inviting play space encourages play - and that's something we should all be prioritsing in the lives of our little people because play builds brains!

What if I have more than one child? Will this still work?

It sure will! All children are capable of playing independently but the beauty of having more than one child share a space is that all of the children learn from and play with one another too! The tips and strategies I share will work for a wide range of ages and stages - even if you have a baby and a 5 year old with differing needs and interests!

Toy rotation sounds like a lot of work...is it really worth it?

This is a bit of a myth! I know I'd rather spend 10-20 minutes rotating toys once every week (or even several weeks!) than spend days sorting and resetting a playroom filled with toys every single weekend!

We're all busy, but this workshop will help you create a system that suits you and your unique family - there's many ways to create a rotation system that will work for you!

About Casey

Casey is an early years teacher and parent to three little learners. Through her company, Little Lifelong Learners, Casey has had the privilege of working with thousands of parents across the world to inject more play into their days at home with their own little learners.

She's passionate about keeping play simple and loves nothing more than helping parents find easy systems they can set up in their homes to make play enjoyable, fast and memorable.

She cannot wait to be a part of your playful journey too!

Ready to get your kids off their screens and stuck into child-led play?!

Imagine having a clean, organised play space that you only need to get involved in once every few weeks for a quick toy rotation!