Tired of Toddler Mischief?
Unlock the Power of Play

Become the ultimate play detective and dive deep into play schemas, where every mischievous act becomes a chance for engaged play!

Your living room looks like a toy shop explosion, an all-too-familiar scene.

That fancy puzzle board you were sure they'd adore? Barely glanced at.

The much-hyped stacking blocks? Toppled faster than you could blink.

Within a whirlwind of a 10-minute toddler play spree, every toy's already had its fleeting moment of fame. Then there's silence. Heart...sinking...silence.

 Instinct kicks in and sure enough, you find your little Picasso in the kitchen converting the wall into a canvas with the marker they ninja-snatched from the draw of random bits.

You spend big bucks on a fancy toy, yet they're captivated by...a sock?!

You cheer as they play with a toy for a few minutes, then facepalm as they turn their baby brother into an art canvas.

Each day is a guessing game, and let's be real, the toddler is always one step ahead."

But what if you were equipped with the know-how to consistently capture your toddler's attention, redirecting their boundless energy towards more play?

Introducing the Play Schema bundle!

Welcome to your life-saving manual for wrangling that wild toddler energy and directing it towards fun-filled, captivating play sessions.

Play Schemas are the delightful behavioural play patterns and themes sprinkled through your toddler's play. Tap into these gems and you're setting the stage for playtime that isn't just longer, but also marvelously self-driven. It's a win-win: your little learner dives deep into play, while you enjoy that (rare) uninterrupted coffee.

Hey there, I'm Casey.

When I became a mum for the second time, welcoming another bundle of joy while juggling the ever-curious ways of a toddler, life became...hectic.

Soon I found myself spiraling into a pricey routine of heading to Target. Desperate to keep my toddler engaged and out of mischief, I'd seek out the newest and most enticing toys, naively thinking that more toys meant more minutes of engaged play. How wrong I was!

Here's the truth: Toddlers, just like babies, are hardwired for play. It's their way of understanding the world around them. When we harness the right strategies, the home transforms into a playground of endless learning opportunities. Even with a mischievous toddler and a newborn to boot, the magic of purposeful play can make all the difference!

Unraveling the secret to engaged, happy toddlers.

Here's a peek into what you'll find waiting inside the Play Schema Bundle!

Understand their World

Our popular Play Schema Workshop will help you to see see the world from your toddler’s eyes. You'll learn not only how to spot schemas in your home, but also use them to support natural play tendencies!

Resource-Packed eBook

Dive deep into play with our Play Schema eBook. This comprehensive guide walks hand in hand with the workshop and is packed with insights. This will become your go-to resource when you need a quick refresher!

Ready to Go Play Invitations

Say goodbye to frantic Google searches for "how to keep toddlers busy." Our mini directory is bursting with quick, easy and effective play prompts tailored to the eight most popular schemas. Engage their minds AND give yourself a well-deserved breather.

Observation Checklists

Ever wish you could read your toddler's mind? While we're not offering psychic abilities, our Schema Observation Checklists are the next best thing. Identify their current schemas, understand their motivations and preempt the cheeky mischief before it starts!.

Toy and Rotation Inspiration

Toys everywhere and not a single one that captivates them for more than a moment? Our inspiration guide aligned with each schema will help you curate and rotate toys that resonate with your child's current interests!

Here's the golden ticket: when we align their play with what they're naturally obsessed with, instead of tugging your hair out over their cheeky adventures, we embrace it.

Because when they're deeply engaged in their play, you get to snatch up that oh-so-precious moment to cradle a hot coffee, tend to baby number two, or simply inhale...and exhale. Bliss!

And your investment? Just $39!

You've got questions? I've got answers!

I am already so busy....is this gonna take a lot of time?

I totally understand how valuable time is, especially with a cheeky toddler around! That's why the Play Schema Bundle is designed to be both efficient and effective. The resources provided are meant to be easy to digest and implement. Think of it as an investment; a little time now can save you countless hours in the future as your child engages in longer independent play. The workshop is under 20 minutes long so I really mean it when I say it's fast and easy to consume!

I've spent so much money on toys and play resources. How's this different?!

While toys have their place, our bundle is centred around understanding the why behind your child's play behaviour. Instead of continuously buying the latest toy, our Play Schema Bundle empowers you with knowledge and strategies to make play more engaging and purposefu, using items you often already have at home. In the long run, understanding play schemas can save you money as you'll know precisely what kinds of activities and resources align with your child's developmental needs! I'll also give you ideas for resources that align with each schema so you can make informed toy purchasing decisions in the future.

I've read a lot about toddler behaviour. What makes this bundle unique?

The Play Schema Bundle isn't just another guide on toddler behaviour. It provides a deep dive into play schemas, a concept that goes beyond mere behaviour observation. It offers actionable insights and resources to transform those cheeky toddler behaviours into learning opportunities.Plus, with bonuses like the toy rotation inspiration, you'll have a holistic approach to engaging play!

Unearth the mysteries of toddler play and empower your cheeky little learner to explore, learn and grow through play.