Not sure how to support your child's learning at home?

When I heard that many schools, daycare centres and play groups across the world were being closed for an indefinite amount of time, I wanted to do something to help the parents that are feeling overwhelmed, worried and anxious during this uncertain time.

Our biggest focus with our own little learners will be on filling their buckets with our undivided attention and enjoying lots of play together as a family. Try not to stress about covering any particular curriculum. If your school has provided you with some materials, schedule in time for that but be sure to have lots of unstructured playtime too! Your only job during this time is to love on those little people that you get to spend your days with right now and put one foot in front of the other.

I wanted to be able to support my community with simple play ideas to help ease some of the anxiety around what is happening right now. My hope is that this document will give you some playful ideas that will allow you to focus on filling the emotional bucket of your little learner through playful activities. These ideas will allow you to connect through play and create some magical memories while you’re at it.

All your child needs to do when they are at home is play. Sometimes this might be totally child-led, independent play and other times we might prepare a simple playful activity for them. Use this time to focus on connection and keeping their buckets nice and full. Below are a list of simple ideas (that have learning embedded already!!) to get you started!

  • Read everyday - Whether these are readers your child already has from school or books from your collection at home. Reading is a wonderful way to practise lots of different literacy skills.
  • Help in the kitchen - Have your little learner help make lunch and dinner. Helping to bake snacks is a wonderful way to develop early measurement skills in a practical way!
  • Play outside - Head into the backyard to explore and play. Take a few favourite toys or some books outside with you. The fresh air will do everyone wonders if you're feeling stir crazy and is a great way to work those gross motor skills.
  • Play inside - Make some play dough to develop those fine motor skills; set up a doctor's corner to develop problem-solving and creative thinking; or set up a make-it station with scrap paper, pens, scissors and glue.
  • Practise sight words and/or spelling words - Make it fun! Write the words on the pavement outside with chalk, call out a word and have your little learner jump on the word. You could do this with sounds too! Make words with play dough. Write them using a bubble font and have your little learner decorate them. Paint them on the fence with a paintbrush and water.
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Embark on a journey of bonded play and connection with your little learner!

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