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Stop feeling overwhelmed by how to entertain your kids and learn how to embrace simple PLAY while raising happy little learners!

Hey playful parent! Do you want to inject more PLAY into your home...but you don't know how to prioritise or make time to be playful with your child?

You want your little learner to experience the incredible benefits of play...but you feel totally lost and overwhelmed by all the information out there.

You want to create beautiful play spaces for your little learner...but you don't know how to make the most of the space you have.

You're tired of creating exciting play experiences...but your little learner is only engaged for 23 seconds.

I have so been there before!

As a first time mum, I suffered a serious case of the guilts. I felt pulled in so many directions, distracted by the dishes piling up in the sink and the mountain of clothes on the dining table.

I felt like I was failing my baby and I wasn't providing her with the very best start. I knew how important play was. I knew it was a wonderful way to connect with my baby but I had no idea how to play with her and how to provide her with play experiences to aid in her development.

I just wanted someone to hold my hand and show me how! I wanted to be shown how to set up an inviting activity that would develop her oral language skills. I wanted to know how to set up a play space that encouraged independence and creative play.

I just wanted to learn everything I possibly could so that I could not only develop a beautiful connection with my baby girl, but nurture her into a confident, creative and happy child.

Now I'm a confident, playful parent to three little people and I'm here to share my playful journey with you!

Introducing the Little Play Club!

The Little Play Club is for parents of children from birth to age 6 that want to create magical memories of playtime while raising happy, creative little learners!

Inside, you'll follow my four stage Playful Journey where 'll guide you through my step by step process for taking back playtime in your home. You'll also be armed with a play directory filled with hundreds of simple play ideas, access to a brand new monthly themed play pack and a library filled with video lessons to take away the guesswork from getting playful with your little learners!

It's a membership championing PLAY!

How will the Little Play Club transform playtime in your home?

Themed play experiences

Easy to prep
resources and ideas

Simple, educational printables

Playful memories to last a lifetime!

So what topics are covered in the Little Play Club?

The Little Play Club is shaped by you, the members! Here's some of the topics we have covered!

  • Play schemas and following your child
  • Making time for play
  • Small world play
  • Encouraging creativity in our day to day
  • Setting up engaging play spaces
  • Creating invitations to play
  • Getting started with sensory play
  • Developing systems for storage and organisation
  • Supporting sibling play without arguments
  • Using play dough to develop fine motor skills
  • Engrossing our children in nature play
  • And so much more!

I have loved the masterclasses, the play packs, and the community...but most of all, the memories I've created with my kids.

As mothers/parents, it is so easy to feel like we aren’t doing enough. I love that the focus of the Little Play Club is not just ‘doing more’ but ‘being present’. The Little Play Club gives you the tools to really connect with your little person and trust that you are enough. I have loved the masterclasses, the play packs, and the community, but most of all the memories I’ve created with my kids. Thank you Casey, Kurtis and team!

Mum of two

The Little Play Club is focused on moving you forwards!

Which of these stages speaks to you most?

So where are you on your play journey?

Did you find yourself nodding and identifying with any of the characteristics outlined in the stages of your play journey? Perhaps you connected with one stage straight away?

The beauty of these stages is that they focus on you making progress and taking the next appropriate step for you and your little learners in your play journey!

In fact, you might only need to make a few subtle changes to your approach to your play which will see your little learner growing in confidence and independence and see you creating a beautiful connection through play!

The resources in the Little Play Club have been developed to make it super easy for you to create playful moments in your home, no matter where you are on your playful journey. Each stage will connect you with resources, guiding you along your journey to becoming a purposeful playmate!

When you become a member of the Little Play Club, you gain immediate access to:

The Play Portal

This is where you'll access all of the incredible content inside the membership! From a searchable play directory of play ideas, to an incredible library of video lessons, you'll find everything you need to get playful, FAST!

Facebook Community

The private Little Play Club Facebook community is where you can connect with others to gain support, share wins and find inspiration! It's like an online mother's group where everyone is passionate about PLAY!

Lifetime Pricing

Your pricing will stay the same for as long as you stay a current member...but there are absolutely no lock-in contracts!  You're even able to upgrade from a monthly member to a VIP annual member with perks!

Watch the video below to take a peek inside!

The Little Play Club includes WHAT?!

There's amazing content being added every single month!

Monthly Themed Play Packs (worth $24/month)

Themed play packs to inspire your playtime and encourage the development of key skills such as number knowledge, letters and sounds, fine motor skill development, imaginative play and more! There are ideas for babies, toddlers and preschoolers alike!

We create a brand new themed Play Pack for you to download every single month and you'll also have access to the Play Pack from the previous month to download too! VIP Annual members will have access to the entire back catalogue of Play Packs!

Searchable Play Directory 

Each of our previous Play Pack activities are being added to our new searchable Play Directory for everyone to access. The directory is filled with ideas sorted by age, play schema and category. We've listened to our current members and created an incredible directory designed to arm you with quick and easy play ideas right at your fingertips!

Monthly Masterclasses (worth $37/month)

Each month we focus on a new playful topic, whether it be small world play or setting up engaging play spaces. This is where we'll explore the ins and outs of play and move you along your playful journey to becoming a purposeful playmate for your little learners! When you log into the Play Portal, you'll find an extensive library of masterclass videos, mini series and play demos waiting for you!

Monthly Challenges (worth up to $60/month)

Put your newfound knowledge into practise with play challenges every single month inside the Facebook Community! By taking part in the monthly challenges, you'll be kept accountable AND go into the draw to win some fantastic play-related prizes with one lucky winner every single month!

Searchable Q&A Video Library

Got a burnin' question about injecting more play into your day? Search through our video library of Q&A videos! Can't find the answer? Head on over into the Facebook Community and get personalised support around your biggest play related challenges wfrom your fellow playful community!

PLUS Mini Lessons and Bonuses Library

This is where I walk you through a variety of How-To demonstrations step-by-step to keep you moving forwards and inspiring your playtime! You'll also find exclusive bonus downloads - some of which are paid products from over in the store!

Don't spend more money on fancy toys to keep your kids entertained. Instead, spend less than $1 a day and learn how to use what you've already got to get playful with your little learners!

Hear what our members are saying...

Before I joined the Little Play Club, I never knew the true meaning of play. I thought children just played to entertain themselves as they are left on their own....

But I finally learned that playing is our children's way of learning.
I look at their toys differently, I now find it as their own little tool as they explore and learn!

Danlyn Mother of 3


The play pack has been amazing. Can't wait to see what else we'll get up to this week, and for the coming months too.

I love that the play packs give me direction for his play and takes the guess work out of what to plan!

Fiona - Teacher Mum

I decided to just push back bedtime an hour and just get into play...and WOW is really the best way to describe it!

We had so much fun and even though I was tired, I forgot about it.
 I can't wait to play more tomorrow morning. Thank you Casey for reminding me to make time to play!

Elizabeth Mother of 2

Did someone say BONUSES?!

Every now and then, a new bonus is added to the Play Portal! Check out what you'll get as an added surprise when you become a Little Play Club member!

Play Planners 

As a teacher, I have a deep desire to plan and organise! There's nothing more satisfying than having a beautiful plan to help me organise my thoughts and ideas!

Inside your play planner, you'll find printable pages to help you plan out your month, week or day! There's printables to help you plan an activity for every day of the month or to get your creative juices flowing to plan themed learning experiences for different learning areas like sensory play, fine motor skill development and nature play! However you like to plan, there's a printable in this download to support you!

Back to Basics Challenge

Our Back to Basics Challenge is a 5 day mini series designed to help parents slow down and connect with their children through play. Each mini lesson shares quick tips to help parents reflect on their vision for playtime, observe their children at play, find play potential surrounding them and try simple invitations their children will actually enjoy!

This challenge is hosted for free each year but once the challenge is over, the videos are removed. All Little Play Club members have access to this transformative video series as part of their membership!

And guess what? ALL current members receive 20% off printables in the Little Lifelong Learners STORE!

There are absolutely NO lock in contracts. You are free to leave whenever you like. Upon cancellation, you will not have access to the Little Play Club community, Play Portal, exclusive store discounts or bonuses.

But what if I don't like the Little Play Club?

I have learnt so much in my years of teaching and parenting. In fact, I developed my Playful Journey which will support you in your journey from being an Eager Explorer (someone who is excited to start!) to a Purposeful Playmate (someone who confidently creates engaging play experiences and spaces). The Little Play Club has been designed around this Playful Journey - so if you're working through the materials and resources as suggested, I just know you're going to LOVE being a member of the Little Play Club. 

However, if you find that it's not for you, please do get in touch. While your membership fees cannot be refunded, there are no lock-in contracts and you are free to leave at any stage with absolutely no hard feelings. You can even cancel without having to contact me directly so there's no awkwardness! You will be removed from the Play Portal and Facebook Community once your current paid month or year  has ended.

Got some questions? Let me answer them!

Sounds great but I don't want to be locked-in to a contract?

Oh no, I don't have Facebook! Can I still join?

I don't live in Australia - can I still join?

I already get lots of great ideas from your blog, Instagram and Pinterest. How is this different?

I already consider myself pretty confident with all things play. Will this still be beneficial for me?

I'm NOT creative at all. Is the Little Play Club going to make me feel inferior? 

What age range is the Little Play Club best suited to?

I don't have a lot of spare time. How much time do I need to commit to this?

What happens if I cancel my membership? Do I still have access to everything?

We're a one income family and can't afford lots of new resources. Do I need to buy more stuff?!

Can my partner be added to the Facebook Community too?