Create a playful home your child can thrive in!

Inject more play into your days at home!

Let's create a playful home your little learner can thrive in through easy (and FUN!) play without needing to buy more stuff!

You're craving more quality time with your kids but there are so many things on your mind. You're constantly asking yourself 'Am I doing enough?' and feeling guilty because...

  • You're feeling totally time poor right now, but you want to nurture a beautiful, playful connection with your little learner.
  • You're juggling all.the.things and feel like your little learner doesn't get the best of you right now. but you're ready to make subtle tweaks so you can enjoy (like...truly enjoy!) playing with your little learner...
  • You want your little learner to experience the incredible developmental benefits of play, but you feel totally overwhelmed by all the information out there!
  • And goodness me, are you more ready than ever to say goodbye to play activities that take forever to set up or needing a bullion new toys and supplies for an activity...only for your little learner to play for 23 seconds...


A playful membership designed for parents and caregivers of 0-7 year olds who are seeking to create deep, meaningful connections with their little learners and magical memories of childhood, all through play!

As parents, we're all so busy.
But play doesn't need to take a lot of time.

Here's a peek into how the Little Play Club is gonna help save you a HEAP of time and help you get playing, fast!

Monthly Themed Play Packs

A themed (downloadable) pack filled with simple play ideas and printables using things you already have around the house! No creativity required!

Searchable Play Directory

Finding age-appropriate ideas your child will actually enjoy has never been faster! Search by age or interest and plan for play in minutes!

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month, we'll focus on a new playful topic led by Casey or various guest experts. You'll have access to a Netflix style library of videos + demos!

Monthly Challenge

Put your newfound knowledge into practise with a new challenge in our Facebook Community each month designed to keep you accountable!

Bonus Downloads

Including exclusive downloads like our printable play planners + some bonus products direct from the Little Lifelong Learners website, yours for FREE!

Bonus eBooks

Download the Fast Invitations eBook to have quick invitations on hand to fill in the afternoon before dinner so you don't have to do the thinking!

Playful Journey Framework

Not sure where to begin? Our framework will connect you with the next best step for you and unique family without the overwhelm or second guessing!

Coffee Chats + Planning Sessions

Fortnightly community events on Zoom to ask questions, share any roadblocks and set goals. You'll be wrapped in celebration and support by our community!

Community Encouragement

A bonus Facebook Community exclusive to current members so you can ask questions, share wins and connect with other playful parents and educators!

When you're able to find little moments to connect with your children during even the busiest of days, you're filling their love buckets right up (and heck, yours too!).

When everyone is feeling connected, you can move through the less-fun parts of your day with more ease and confidence while creating some pretty special memories you'll treasure for a lifetime.

These incredible moments of connection are life-changing for your little learner. They build your child's sense of self worth and confidence, even in the moments you're not together. At its very core, connection is about love...the strongest emotion of all human existence!

Play so easy that you can use what you've already got at home!

Noticed your little learner is seeking connection but you're not sure how to actually play with them?  Maybe you need a fast idea to get you through 'till dinnertime? Browse our searchable Play Directory filled with quick and easy play ideas at your fingertips so you'll never have to think on your feet again!

Our activities are thoughtfully designed by an early years teacher (that's me!) to develop key skills such as number knowledge, fine motor skills, letters and sounds, imaginative play and more! You'll find fast and easy ideas using things around your house perfectly suited for children from birth to age 7+

I quickly set this up and OMG it just changed her mood instantly!

This morning my little one was having some BIG BIG feelings...a few days I saw Casey posted this activity for tricky days so I quickly set up this play invitation and OMG it changed her mood instantly! Quick and easy and she had a great time! I am always so grateful for this Little Play Club community and all the wonderful ideas!

Viviana - Mum of one

When we focus on the quality time over quantity of time...

There's no denying that when we purposefully spend time with our children to fill their buckets, the rest of our day runs so much smoother.

But not every parent loves to sit and play monster trucks all day long. Similarly, not every parent loves to dive deep into a tub of sensory rice or sit and play for hours on end.

Every family can use our framework to make subtle tweaks to find more time for play in their busy days - even when you've only got 30 mins!

Expert workshops, mini series and demos to support you along your playful journey - ready to binge like your favourite TV series!

Want to learn how to create a purposeful play space that will encourage and nurture creative, independent play? Maybe you're wondering what kind of fine motor skills you should be working on or how to support your toddler's language skills through play?

Our video library is filled with 100+ videos you can watch whether you've got 5 minutes or 40 minutes, and they're all captioned so you can watch while you put your little to bed!

We've covered topics such as childhood development; play space storage and organisation; supporting independent play; developing fine motor skills; and play routines and making time for play; play demonstrations; play schemas and more!!

From birth to age 5, your child's brain grows and develops more than any other time in their life!

I've developed the Cycle of Play as a way to continue making adjustments to suit the ever-changing needs of your little learners. These stages are what the resources inside the Little Play Club are founded upon and will guide you as you uncover what you want play to look like in your home!

With each stage in your child's early years, different challenges come to light. You might be struggling with independent play when you bring a new baby home, or wondering how to help your preschooler get ready to start school.

You might only need to make a few subtle changes to your approach to play which will see your little learner growing in confidence and independence and see you creating a beautiful connection through play! We'll be right there beside you to support you!

The Little Play Club is like no other play membership out there.

This isn't just a simple library of play ideas thrown together to save you a bit of time.

It's not a course with a tonne of long video lessons that'll take hours of your precious time to consume with endless jobs and tasks to add to your ever-growing to do list.

We're about slowing down and finding micro-moments in our day to connect with our children in a way that aligns with your family and your goals for play.

It's so easy to feel like we aren't doing enough...I love that the focus of the Little Play Club is not 'doing more' but being present.

It gives you the tools to really connect with your little person and trust that you are enough! I have loved the masterclasses, the play packs and the community, but most of all, the memories I've created with my kids. Thank you Casey!

Jessica - Mum of two

Ready to join the fun?

Choose your plan!

Monthly Membership


per month

*AUD dollars

  • Monthly themed Play Pack or resources
  • Access to most recent 2 Play Packs!
  • Searchable Play Directory
  • Monthly Masterclass or Workshop
  • Fortnightly Play Planning Sessions / Coffee Chats

*Approx $16 USD / month

Quarterly Membership


per quarter

*AUD dollars

  • Monthly themed Play Pack or resources
  • Access to most recent 2 Play Packs!
  • Searchable Play Directory
  • Monthly Masterclass or Workshop
  • Fortnightly Play Planning Sessions / Coffee Chats 

*Approx $48 USD / quarter

Annual VIP Membership


per year

*AUD dollars

  • Access to over 30 + existing Play Packs
  • Searchable Play Directory
  • Monthly Masterclass or Workshop
  • Fortnightly Play Planning Sessions / Coffee Chats 
  • VIP pricing includes 2 months for FREE!

*Approx $160 USD / year

There are absolutely NO lock in contracts. Upon purchase, you are signing up to a recurring subscription, though you are free to cancel at anytime. 
Upon cancellation, you will not have access to the Little Play Club community, Play Portal, exclusive store discounts or bonuses.

Imagine if you could...

  • Deepen your relationship with your little learner by slowing down and enjoying the playful moments in your day to day!
  • Observe your child at play, uncovering exactly how to create invitations to capture their interest every.single.time.
  • Have access to entire library of themed play ideas to run with when you just need a lil somethin' to get you through till dinnertime!
  • Create purposeful play spaces that encourage independent, creative play - even when you don't have a lot of space!
  • Save yourself a heap of time (and money!) by getting access to an entire e-library of resources and video lessons created by an early childhood educator and guest experts like Pediatric Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and more!
  • Have FUN and truly enjoy playing with your child...and creating incredible memories of playtime while you're at it!

You've got questions? I've got answers!

Sounds great but am I locked into a contract?

There are absolutely no lock-in contracts so you are free to cancel your membership and cease payments whenever you like! Just keep in mind that your current member pricing is only available for as long as your account remains in good standing so if you decide to come back, it will be at the current rate. 

I don't live in Australia, can I still join?!

We're a friendly bunch and welcome members from all over the world so we would LOVE to have you join us!! The membership price is shown in AUD so just check your bank won't charge you fees for handling international currencies.

I have a baby - will they still benefit?

Our children grow and develop at an amazing pace during their first five years so there is never a time too soon to start considering how to create a playful home. In fact, we have a mini series dedicated to babies to get you off to a kickin' start! You might find the printables won't be relevant for a little while but there are so many incredible resources waiting inside that are perfect for your newborn right from birth up to age 7!

I don't have much spare time...how much time do I need to commit to this?

You can spend 10 minutes browsing our Play Directory on a Sunday afternoon and have all your playful activities planned for the whole week! This is designed to save you time not add more to your plate. The beauty of a membership is that you have access to everything you need to use in a way that works for you and your unique family whether you've got 2 hours or 20 minutes.

In terms of the video library - do you sit and watch every movie on Netflix? Probably not! Instead, you tune into the bits most relevant to you on the vening you choose to sit down with your ice-cream and your dressing gown hehe - our membership is the same! It's not designed to sit and consume everything in one go. It's a curated library of resources and tools to support you at whatever stage you're at!

What happens if I cancel my membership? Will I still have access to everything?

You're free to cancel your membership at any point - just give us 48 hours notice before you're due to be billed again! 

However, your monthly or yearly fee gives you access to both the Little Play Club Play Portal and bonus Facebook Community so once your membership has been cancelled, you'll lose access to everything. You can join again later but it will be at the current rate at that time and you will lose any perks you had with your previous subscription.

We're a one income family - do I need to buy a heap of tools and toys?!

Not at all! In fact, I encourage you to make the most of the things you already have. You'll be surprised at how much play potential is hiding in your kitchen already!

Many parents head to the local library to borrow books for any themes they choose to explore with their little learners. Others love to head to the dollar store and grab bits and pieces to keep things fresh - but I am confident you have everything you need to get playful with your little learners already!

I get tonnes of good ideas from your blog and Pinterest already...how is this different?

There certainly are a heap of ideas all over the internet you can get great ideas from...

But browsing social media and stumbling across an idea that looks fun isn't going to work. You need to learn the foundations so that every activity you try is a success! You're not going to need to hope and wonder whether ideas are appropriate because our Play Packs and activities are thoughtfully designed by an early years teacher to be developmentally appropriate - and not only educational, but loads of fun too!

Everything is planned for you - just watch a masterclass or browse our directory, choose your activities and you'll have your play planned for a while week in just minutes - and the best bit? You've got everything you need in your home already!

I don't use Facebook - can I still join?

YES! While some of the membership perks are only on Facebook (like our wonderful private Facebook Community and monthly challenges) - you can still join the fun because everything we create for our members is loaded right up into the Play Portal! However, some members have decided to create a Facebook profile just so they can join the Facebook group!

Can my partner be added to the bonus Facebook Community too?

We would love your partner to join our community! When you're both on the same page, parenting becomes so much easier. However, other family members, work colleagues, your mother-in-law or your BFF cannot be added to the community. They will need to purchase their own membership.

If you work in an early education service and would like to purchase a subscription for your centre, please email us for a customised commercial use license for your staff.

Each subscription is for single, personal-use only. You cannot share your login with anybody as this is breaking the terms of use you agree to upon purchase. Click here to read the terms of use.

I have a different question!

Click here to send us an email or head on over to Instagram @littlelifelonglearners and send me a message there! I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can!

I get caught up in my daily routine, that I often don't stop and enjoy those little moments.

The Little Play Club has firstly given me encouragement when I'm feeling like failure...it has given me a community to chat through ideas, it has given me a bank of ideas to use, and the confidence to try something new.

Rachel - Teacher and mum of three

Why did you become a parent in the first place?

If you're like me, you probably craved the experience and joy of parenthood - to spend time with your children and create memories you'll look back on cherish!

You don't need to go on expensive trips to the zoo or a theme park or spend a fortune on expensive toys and experiences to make memories with your kids...

Instead, spend less than $1 a day inside the Little Play Club and learn how to use what you've already got at home to get playful with your little learners and create magical memories to treasure for a lifetime.

I can't wait to be right by your side as you embark on this incredible playful journey!

Now is the perfect time for parents to prioritise connecting with their children through play.

There's no denying that as parents, we're struggling to find time in our busy schedules to prioritise play. Yet, the LEGO Foundation recently conducted their Play Well Report (2018) and found that when children and adults regularly play together, their perceived wellbeing and overall happiness increases! 

They found that the biggest barrier around making time for play was just not 'having enough time in the day.' As a parent, our job is never done, and I totally get that. However, if you crave more connection and quality time with your children, sometimes we just have to prioritise it and schedule it in.

Let's take the guesswork and planning out of playtime!