​​​Create ​easy​ and engaging play experiences while ​developing a playful bond with your little learners!

​Stop feeling overwhelmed ​by how to entertain your kids and learn how to embrace PLAY while raising ​confident, happy little learners!

​I'm so sorry! The Little Play Club is currently closed for enrollments!

Hey Mama! ​I understand how you're feeling.

  • ​You ​want to inject more PLAY into your home but you don't know how to prioritise ​​or make time to be playful with your child.
  • ​​You enjoy creating play experiences ​but your child loses interest quickly.
  • ​You want to create beautiful play spaces for your child but you don't know how to make the most of the space you have.

​You want your child t​o experience the benefits of PLAY 
....but you feel totally lost and overwhelmed!

I have so been there before!

​As a first time mum, I suffered a serious case of the guilts. I felt pulled in so many directions, distracted by the dishes piling up in the sink and the mountain of clothes on the dining table.

I felt like I was failing my baby and I wasn't providing her with the very best start.​ I knew how important play was. I knew it was a wonderful way to connect with my baby but I had no idea how to play with her and how to provide her with play experiences to aid in her development.

I just wanted someone to hold my hand and show me how! I wanted to ​be shown how to set up an inviting activity that would develop her oral language skills. I wanted to know how to set up a play space that encouraged independence and creative play.

I just wanted to learn everything I possibly could so that I could not only develop a beautiful connection with my baby girl, but nurture her into a confident, creative and happy child. ​​

Now I'm a confident, playful mother to three little people and I'm here to share ​my playful path with you!

​Introducing the Little Play Club!

The Little Play Club is ​for parents that want to create magical memories of playtime while raising confident, creative little learners!

​It's a membership championing PLAY!

Inside, ​there will be printable Play Packs full of activities and ideas for getting playful with your little learners! There will be masterclass video lessons exploring topics like toy rotation, small world play and encouraging independent, creative play! There will be exciting challenges with PRIZES and so.much.more!

​PLUS the most amazing, supportive and encouraging community of like minded parents and educators who all champion play! This is the Mother's Group you always wished you were a part of!

So what ​topics will be covered in the Little Play Club?

The Little Play Club will be shaped by you, the founding members! Here are some themes we plan on covering:

  • Making time for play
  • Small world play
  • Encouraging creativity in our day to day
  • Setting up engaging play spaces
  • Creating invitations to play
  • Getting started with sensory play
  • Developing systems for storage and organisation
  • Engaging children of different age ranges
  • Using play dough to develop fine motor skills
  • Engrossing our children in nature play
  • And so much more!

The Little Play Club is focused on moving you forwards!

Which of these stages speaks to you most?

Follow my Playful Path to become a purposeful playmate!

So where are you on the Playful Path?

Did you find yourself nodding and identifying with any of the characteristics outlined in the Playful Path? Perhaps you connected with one stage straight away?

The beauty of the Playful Path is that it focuses on you making progress and taking the next appropriate step for you and your little learners in your playful journey!

​In fact, you might only need to make a few subtle changes to your approach to PLAY which will see your little learner growing in confidence and independence and see you creating a beautiful bond through play!

When you become a founding member of the Little Play Club, you gain immediate access to:

​The Play Portal

​This is where you'll find all of the videos and resources as they're released each week! You'll find a Masterclass waiting for you ready to watch at your leisure!

​Facebook Community

​The private Little Play Club community is where you can connect with others to gain support, share wins and find inspiration!

Lifetime Pricing

​Your pricing will stay the same for as long as you stay a current member...​but there are absolutely no lock-in contracts!

​Now let me be honest...

​The Little Play Club is a brand new membership and community, so things might be a little messy and bare to start with. But this is the beauty of becoming a founding member. YOU will be able to shape what the Little Play Club becomes!

​As a Founding Member, the weekly content will grow with YOU. The first piece of content will be released on July 24th with new content to be released weekly from there onward.

​T​he Little Play Club includes WHAT?!

Each week, a new piece of content will be released! These ideas are not set in stone and will change over time to suit the members. Now is your chance to get in as a founding member and help to shape the Little Play Club!

Play Packs (worth $12/month)

Themed play packs to inspire your playtime and encourage the development of key skills such as number knowledge, letters and sounds, fine motor skill development, imaginative play and more! August will be Under the Sea theme!

​Masterclasses (worth $37/month)

​Each month we'll focus on a new ​playful topic, whether it be small world play or setting up engaging play spaces. This is where we'll explore the ins and outs of play and move you along your journey to becoming a purposeful playmate for your little learners! When you log in to your Play Portal, you'll find a Masterclass all about Play Schemas waiting for you!


​Put your newfound knowledge into practise with simple playtime challenges every single month starting in August! By taking part in the monthly challenges, you'll also go into the draw to win some fantastic play-related prizes!

​Play Toolkit

​If you've ever caught yourself saying  "I don't know what to do with the kids today!" then the Play Toolkit is going to be your new BFF. Each month you'll get new quick and easy play activities to try with your little learners.

​Live Q&A Sessions (worth $97/month)

​Got a burning question about injecting more play into your day? Ask them during the monthly live Q&A sessions. This is your opportunity to get some personalised support around your biggest play related challenges.

I have such an incredible vision for what the Little Play Club will become. Think of it as the ​play-lovin' mother's group you always wished you were a part of!

I intend for the Little Play Club to become a $36/month community so ​TODAY is a wonderful opportunity to become a founding member and enjoy grandfathered pricing for as long as your membership stays current.

​Hear what everyone is saying...

​I cannot believe the ​instant change of the children's quality of play....they participated in play for longer than 2 mins!

Kodi Family Daycare Educator

​I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I wouldn't have stuck it out only for your creativity, passion for learning and sheer honesty!

​Petrina ​Mum of Two

With some tweaks and less toys out, he's engaging in longer play and coming up with lots of different ways to play with his toys!

Fiona Teacher Mum

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​But what if I don't like the Little Play Club?

​I have learnt so much in my years of teaching and parenting. In fact, I developed my Playful Path which will support you in your journey from being an Eager Explorer (someone who is excited to start!) to a Purposeful Playmate (someone who confidently creates engaging play experiences and spaces). The Little Play Club has been designed around this Playful Path - so if you're working through the materials and resources as suggested, I just know you're going to LOVE ​being a member of the Little Play Club. 

However, if you find ​that it's not for you, please do get in touch. While your membership fees cannot be refunded, there are no lock-in contracts and you are free to leave at any stage with absolutely no hard feelings. Your membership can be canceled and you will be removed from the Play Portal and Facebook Community. ​

Got some questions? Let me answer them!

​Sounds great but I don't want to be locked-in to a contract?

​I already get lots of great ideas from your blog, ​Instagram and Pinterest. How is this different?

​I already consider myself pretty confident ​with all things play. Will this still be beneficial for me?

​I'm NOT creative at all. Is the Little Play Club going to make me feel ​inferior? 

​What age range is the Little Play Club best suited to?

​I don't have a lot of spare time. How much time do I need to commit to this?

​What happens if I cancel my membership? Do I still have access to everything!

​We're a one income family and can't afford lots of new resources. Do I need to buy more stuff?!

​Can my partner be added to the Facebook Community too?