Develop oral language skills through play with my FREE Sushi Shop printables!

Free Sushi Shop Dramatic Play printables | Signs, labels and posters for setting up your own Sushi Imaginative Play | Role-play, vocabulary, creative thinking, problem solving, social skills | Australian Teachers, Parents, Toddlers, preschool and kindergarten play ideas |
  • Includes signs, labels and order forms so you can quickly and easily create your very own Sushi Shop!
  • Keep your little learners engaged and learning through play, totally screen free!
  • Develop vocabulary, oral language skills, creative thinking, social skills...and so much more!

So why is Dramatic Play so important?

Dramatic play has so many benefits for children of all ages including:
  • Development of oral language skills
  • Content specific vocabulary development (sushi, wasabi, chopsticks etc)
  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Fine motor skills (especially while rolling their sushi or using tongs to place food on a plate)
  • Development of early reading and writing
  • Mathematical understandings (such as measurement, understanding money, numeral recognition)
  • And so much more!