June 27, 2022

Perhaps your child wants to be an astronaut or a data analyst or in fact any job that we don’t know about yet as it doesn’t exist. None of us can be totally certain about what tomorrow looks like.  The question is: how do we ensure that our children are ready for a world where

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5 Super Skills to set your child up for the world of tomorrow

May 10, 2017

Science is my favourite subject to teach! It provides so many opportunities to explore and learn through play. Today I’d like to share some easy activities and ideas for exploring materials and their properties! When I begin a new investigation or unit of work, I like to begin with an investigation table. This gives students

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Exploring Materials and Their Properties

September 26, 2015

I’ve been a busy little bee lately, working hard to finish a new Science Unit for Term 4. This unit is all about exploring how things move! To begin the unit, I set up an exploration table full of exciting toys that moved in different ways. This was such a big hit with my 15

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Roll, Bounce, Spin and Slide – Prep Movement Unit

October 9, 2013

Last term we learnt all about the weather! It was such a fun unit and the kids learnt so much. During the last two weeks, we did a little bit of work on the seasons. It seemed to be a tricky concept to teach in just two weeks but after we finger painted these beautiful

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Exploring the Seasons with Art

August 14, 2013

This term we are exploring the Weather for our Science unit! It was definitely my favourite unit last year so I was pretty excited when it was time to start planning for my class this year! I decided to have a go at planning my first unit for Teacher’s Pay Teachers and it has taken

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Learning all about Weather