January 9, 2024

As the Back to School season approaches us here in Australia, it’s a super exciting time (and maybe a little nerve-wracking!) time for us and our little learners, especially those gearing up for their first ever school experience! One of the most empowering, foundational skills we can gift our children as they start this journey,

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Hands-on name activities for preschoolers

January 24, 2022

Starting school for the very first time is often a bit of a nerve-wracking time for our little learners. They don’t really know what to expect and they might be feeling a little bit nervous about the transition. This is especially true for children who suffer from anxiety. Today I’d like to share five simple

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5 Ways to Support Your Nervous Child Starting School

January 17, 2022

There’s no denying that starting school is a big, daunting time in you and your child’s life. Starting school is such a big milestone and you no doubt have some fears about how your little learner will adapt to the change. As a teacher, I curated quite the collection of books about starting school that

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10 Amazing Books About Starting School

November 5, 2021

If your child is starting school in 2022, then the countdown to walking through those school gates has already begun! There are so many emotions associated with starting school. Your little one might be feeling nervous, scared, excited, curious, happy, or perhaps feeling a number of these emotions! Preparing your child for “big school” can

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Five Quick and Easy Ideas to Support Your Child Starting School

July 26, 2021

As a teacher, I know that fine motor skills are so incredibly important for school readiness. Our son Elliot is off to Prep next year so we’ve been trying to include more opportunities for him to develop is fine motor skills throughout his day. And one of the best ways to do this? Through play

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Fine Motor packs for School Readiness with Play Like Coco