Nurture your baby's development with simple, engaging play!

Become a confident, playful parent!

Have ever caught yourself thinking you don't know how to play with your baby?

Do you find yourself scrolling social media looking for ideas, but you're not sure whether they'll suit the developmental stage your baby is at?

Maybe you're constantly buying new toys hoping that you discover that one magical toy that will keep your baby occupied for longer than 2 minutes!

Your baby learns and grows so quickly in their first year, sometimes it feels like it's hard to keep up!

Someone much older and wiser has probably told you that 'they grow up so fast' and if you're anything like me, you're probably wanting to make the most of these beautiful years at home.

But how do you connect with your baby playfully AND stay on top of all the jobs on your to do list when you spend half the day nap trapped?!

The answer is simple!

Introducing, the Baby Play Mini Series!

Imagine knowing how to create quick and easy invitations your baby will love without spending all your precious time scrolling social media!

  • Developmental Milestones video (12 mins)
  • Setting up a Movement Area video (8 mins)
  • Creating Sensory Bottles for Babies video (6 mins)
  • Discovery baskets for Babies video (11 mins)
  • Sensory Play for Babies video (17 mins)
  • Favourite Toys and Books video (11 mins
  • BONUS: Baby Play eBook
  • BONUS: Developmental Milestone notes
  • BONUS: Favourite Toys eBook

Casey has helped me connect and be more present with both my kids.

I started working with Casey firstly for my 2 year old. We had welcomed our baby into the family and TV was the go to...I thought I had to have every new and sparkly toy and now I see that the best toys are those that aren't toys at all (e.g. a cardboard box). Casey has saved my sanity!

Jen Smith
Mum of two

Hey there, I'm Casey!

As an early years teacher and parent to three little learners, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of parents across the world to inject more play into their days at home with their own little learners.

I'm so passionate about keeping play simple and love nothing more than helping parents find easy systems they can set up in their homes to make play enjoyable, fast and memorable.

I cannot wait to be a part of your playful journey too!

You've got questions? I've got answers!

I am already so busy....is this gonna take a lot of time?

Not at all - each mini lesson is designed to be short and sharp and many are only about 10 minutes long. I'm a busy mum to three little people myself so I know what it's like to be juggling all the things - especially as a new mum! Each video is also captioned so you can watch on silent in the darkness of your room as you feed your little one to sleep. I've got you!

Am I gonna need to go buy a bunch of stuff after finishing the workshop?

Not at all! In fact, I encourage you to use exactly what you have! Of course I can also provide you with some inspiration should you wish to buy anything specific but I promise you've got everything you need to get playful with your little learner already!!

Will this suit my newborn/3 month old/toddler??

This workshop is suitable for any baby up to about 12 months of age! If you've got a little learner who is a bit older, you'd be a better fit for our Little Play Club membership. Find out more here.

What if I have questions after I watch the videos?

My inbox is always open to your questions! However, if you feel you'd like some ongoing support you'll receive an invitation to sneak on into the Little Play Club membership on the down low. But shhh that's a secret!

Can't I find all the info I need on the internet for free?

The internet is a wonderful place filled with so much information, but gosh it can be overwhelming! Everyone has differing opinions and sometimes you're left feeling totally deflated after scrolling the 'gram for ideas.

This is why I created the Baby Play Mini Series. I've learnt so much over my years as a teacher and parent so I wanted to be able to share what I've learnt because I've been in your shoes before!

So in short, yes. There is probably heaps of free information out there. But I'm sharing all my best tips and resources for baby play right here in one spot so you can just get going!

This week I made my first discovery basket for my baby girls...we have been playing with the items all week!

The girls don't particularly enjoy tummy time...so I thought I would change the discovery basket up for them each day. They have stayed more content on their tummies! Even my older girls have enjoyed exploring the discovery baskets with their baby sisters!


Twin mum

It was so nice to see them both have fun, eat spaghetti and play together!

Today I set up my first sensory activity that both my boys could fully engage in (they're 3 and almost 1). Definitely making memories, thanks Casey!


Mum of two

Are you ready to become your baby's best playmate?!