About Casey from Little Lifelong Learners

You want to get playful with your little learners...

But boy are you overwhelmed! There are so many ideas all over Pinterest and Instagram, but where on Earth do you start?

Well my friend, you're in the right place! Here at Little Lifelong Learners, it's my mission to support you in getting playful with your little learners! Whether you're an early years teacher, first time parent or even a doting grandparent, I am here for you!

As a parent or educator, I'm sure you'd like to,..

  • See your little learners totally engaged in playtime.
  • Create special memories of play with your little learners.
  • Set a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.
  • Encourage the development of a range of life skills through play.

If you're PASSIONATE about children and learning through play, you're in the right place!

You're going to find quick and easy activities to catch the attention of your little learners. You'll find simple small world activities and sensory play activities for babies right through to preschoolers. I'm a BIG fan of learning through play, so you'll also find loads of resources to support you in learning playfully with your little learners.

Meet the Little Lifelong Learners Team!

My name is Casey and I am the founder of Little Lifelong Learners. I have a background as a Primary School teacher but left the classroom to raise my own babies. Little Lifelong Learners has grown so much so I feel very blessed to be able to support LOTS parents, teachers and children across the globe. In January of 2019, my husband saw how much fun we were having and left his job to join us too! We are so fortunate to be working with one another, but it's also pretty special to be at home together raising our little ones.

Keep reading to learn more about each of us!

CASEY - Boss Lady

Casey likes to call team meetings and reward everyone with donuts. She loves all things imaginative play and loooves to set up small worlds and role-play areas. Casey loves photography and baking yummy treats!


Kurtis is really, really good at setting up small worlds and DIY projects! He is much more domestic than anybody else in the team and LOVES Disney movies. Kurtis also enjoys hyping the children up before bed.

LILLY - Creative Genius

Lilly loves art and craft! She can often be found creating masterpieces at the dining table. Lilly is the cheekiest member of the team and loves to star in the Little Lifelong Learners video content!

ELLIOT - Professional Mess Maker

Elliot has found his calling in creating messes. He is obsessed with Monster Trucks and loves to run at things at full speed. Elliot is often covered in bruises and scratches. Because clumsy.

AUDREY - New Kid on the Block

Audrey is new to the team and so far, her interests include milk and seeking out small objects that are not edible. She is always smiling and brings something magical to the team that we didn't realise was missing!

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