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We want to raise children who are happy, healthy and confident. But how do we ensure our children learn how to embrace their uniqueness, develop resilience and develop strategies to navigate big, tricky feelings?

As an early years teacher and parent of three incredible children myself, I am always on the hunt for resources that will support my children with their emotional literacy and emotional wellbeing. When our children are able to understand their emotions and develop a toolkit of strategies to navigate these, they’re going to be well equipped to take on the world and any challenges they may come across!

This is why I was so excited when I discovered Wonderful Me – an incredible Australian business run by Kirilee and Angela. They’ve thoughtfully and carefully created the most amazing collection of resources and tools designed to support children to develop healthy and strong Emotional Intelligence. 

According to the team at Wonderful Me, ‘If we equip our children with strategies and techniques, they will have a greater awareness of how to talk themselves through challenging situations and ultimately, be able to regulate their emotions.’

These incredible resources aren’t just about learning about feelings and emotions though – they’re also about supporting our little learners to discover who they are, what they’re capable of and the impact they want to have on themselves and the people around them. They’re about building resilience, love for oneself and uncovering what makes them truly unique and special! And that is something I am SO excited to share with you today!

Sitting at the heart of the Wonderful Me collection are several beautiful picture books, each thoughtfully written to support your child to develop resilience and self love. I highly recommend adding the Lesson Guide to your purchase which includes an overview of how to introduce each book to your child as well as the themes covered, questions to ask your child and ideas for extension activities to enjoy with your child.

The Hug is the first book I introduced to my children and it’s all about self worth and using the power of words to help your child know they are ‘Brave, Special and Amazing!’  You can also add a gorgeous The Hug Toy to your collection (or grab the bundle!) ready for your child to hug tightly. It has some beautiful sensory additions including crinkly ears for sensory input, soft fluffy cheeks and magnetic arms and hands. Our eldest has been sleeping with The Hug every night, using the sensory elements as an aide to calm and regulate before bed!

There are several other incredible books in the collection which I’ll outline for you below!

Be Someone is a beautiful book all about exploring the concept of choices and how the choices we make can make a difference on the world!

Have You Ever explores the idea that some days, things just don’t go our way but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome those tricky feelings. 

The Truth About You is a celebration of the wonderful unique child in front of you! Our family is neurodiverse and this book is such a beautiful celebration of uniqueness and being one of a kind!

You Were Once the Size of a Plum is about the incredible journey our little people took to become who they are today! I might have shed a tear when I read this book for the first time – it’s the perfect book for exploring pregnancy with young children in a way that’s age appropriate and oh-so-sweet – “Some babies might come very early, and others might come a little late. But either way, one thing is for certain, YOU were definitely worth the wait!”

According to the Wonderful Me team,”As parents and carers, we can’t always be there to support our children in times of need, but we can put tools and support strategies in place to equip and empower them.” Using picture books is one of my favourite ways to introduce ‘big ideas’ to our little people and the Wonderful Me collection does such an incredible job of introducing the idea of resilience, self love and emotional literacy to the next generation of world changers!

On the Wonderful Me website, you’ll also find the award winning WorryWoo collection, written and illustrated by Andi Green. The resources in the WorryWoo collection have been designed to help support your child through feelings of frustration, worry, insecurity, confusion, loneliness, innocence and envy. We were lucky enough to receive ‘The Very Frustrated Monster’ and ‘Don’t Feed the WorryBug’ alongside some gorgeous plush characters from the story for our children to cuddle – these are also available in bundles so be sure to browse the shop to grab the best bundle for you and your little learners!

Dr John Irvine, a well renowned psychologist working with young children and their families for over 40 years, has also written two fantastic handbooks for parents to support them as they navigate big feelings with their little learners. ‘Helping Young Children Manage Frustration and Anger’ and ‘Helping Young Worriers Beat the WorryBug’ which can be used in conjunction with the WorryWoo range of picture books and plush toys. 

These handbooks were so accessible that I was able to read them in an afternoon while our own little learners played in the backyard around me! They were filled with actionable tips that both my husband and I are going to be able to use with our children as we begin to make little tweaks to our home to support our little people with their emotional regulation and worries especially.

The Wonderful Me collection is filled with incredible tools to help support your child’s emotional wellbeing and emotional literacy. The teacher in me was so excited as I unpackaged our parcel and explored each of the resources before sharing them with my own children. Not only are the books so positively affirming for even the youngest of children, they are a delight to read and enjoy even as a grown up! You can just feel the love and consideration that has gone into each and every resource.

As parents, we want the very best for our children. We want them to grow up being able to process their feelings and emotions in a way that is safe but most of all, to know and understand just how special and loved they are. 

Healthy emotional literacy begins in the home and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am that these incredible products are supporting children and their families all over Australia. Tap the button below to go and browse the Wonderful Me collection and use our exclusive code CASEY10 to save 10% on your purchase until the end of 2022!

I am so incredibly excited to be working with Wonderful Me to bring you this sponsored blog post. Monetary compensation was received and product was gifted, though all opinions are my own.

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Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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