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There’s no denying that starting school is a big, daunting time in you and your child’s life. Starting school is such a big milestone and you no doubt have some fears about how your little learner will adapt to the change.

As a teacher, I curated quite the collection of books about starting school that I’d often read throughout my first weeks with my Prep class. This year, my sensitive little boy is about to start his first year at school and to say he’s a bundle of nerves is the understatement of the century. I’ll be putting together another blog with some tips for supporting anxious children during their transition to school, but this week I’d like to share some of my favourite picture books about starting school especially if you’re in Australia where our children wear uniforms!

Starting School by Jane Godwin

Four friends are off to school for the first time! There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn and lots of exciting things to discover. This beautiful book focuses on the experiences and feelings of five very different children as they begin at school for the very first time.

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Maddie’s First Day by Penny Matthews

Maddie is off to school – she has everything ready – her uniforms, shoes, socks and hat. But there’s one special thing she can’t leave behind – her blanky! This beautiful story tells the tale of Maddie on her first day of school filled with new experiences!

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First Day by Andrew Daddo

This is a must-have picture book for every child starting school, with a clever twist at the end that all parents will relate to! Follow along as mum and daughter get ready for the first day of school – but who is most nervous about the big day?

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Old Friends, New Friends by Andrew Daddo

It’s a brand new school years – I can’t wait! Hang on…none of my old friends are in my new class! Follow along with this empowering and relatable picture book all about being yourself and making new friends!

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The Wild Guide to Starting School by Laura and Phillip Bunting

Are you about to start school? Then it’s time to get set for your wildest adventure! Follow this simple guide and you’ll learn everything you need to know! Explore how to start the day just right, first day jitters, making friends, lunchtime, home time and everything in between!

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Your School is the best! by Maggie Hutchings

From show and tell, to arts and crafts, this little stowaway can’t wait to try it all…and maybe even become the teacher’s pet! Charming, hilarious and just a tiny bit gross, this is a back to school tale with a fun twist!

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Ready for School by My Big Moments

My Big Moments are our go-to store for personalised stories with a twist! Create your very own Ready for School social story featuring your very own child! There’s no better way for your little learner to navigate new big moments in their lives than with the personalised My Big Moments picture books. You can read our full review of the series here.

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Wherever You’ll Be by Ariella Prince Guttman

The important and timely reminder that no matter how far apart we are, shared love means we will always be together. This story follows a working mother an child throughout their day while they are apart. Whether at work or at school, they find comfort in thinking of each other. This reassuring book is perfect for parents and children to read together at bedtime, and a great way to reconnect after spending the day apart.

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The Worry Box by Suzanne Chiew

Murray Bear has lots of worries and with the help of his sister, he makes a special box in which to keep all his worries. But can the worry box really help? This book is perfect for children dealing with anxiety or feeling nervous about starting at a new school.

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Follow Your Feelings: Max and Worry by Kitty Black

Max has a hard time starting his maths work and he’s joined by someone new – Worry! In this story, follow Max as he navigates how Worry makes him feel – “What if you get something wrong? Or EVERYTHING wrong? Even your name!” Will Worry ever leave?

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How to use these books with your child starting school

We use our books about school to begin exposing our little learner to the idea of school well before they’re ready to start school. We talk about what school is like and the parts that are similar to experiences they already have (such as Kindy or days with Nana). I also like to add the books to a space in our home that are easily accessible. For us, that’s in the lounge room on our IKEA FLISAT bookshelf. We read them during the day or before bed but they’re also there and available for them whenever they like.

I also have some wonderful Daily Routine Card printables in our store which you can print off to help with your morning routines. As a teacher, it’s so important to focus on some independence building activities before your little person heads off to school. You can sit down with your little learner and create a visual morning routine to help them independently prepare for their day. We also have lots of fun school readiness printables and activities in the store which you can browse here.

I hope you have enjoyed my favourite books for supporting your little learner starting school! Be sure to come and share your favourites over on Instagram and tag me @littlelifelonglearners so I can see!

*Please Note: Some links are affiliate links meaning I will earn a small commission from any purchases made through those links. This does not affect your buying experience but helps to fund the running costs of this website!

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Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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