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Like many parents and teachers in Australia, I’m a little bit obsessed with Kmart. While I love supporting lots of Australian small businesses, I’m also a very big fan of saving money where I can.

This week, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Kmart sensory play products! These items we love and use personally. My hope is that you’ll be able to grab some bargains to go alongside your copy of my book, Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers šŸ˜‰

Containers for sensory play

Serving tray

For anyone that’s been following me for a while, you will recognize this tray straight away! This serving tray is perfect for setting up a sensory play session and it’s the perfect size to hold your sensory base plus a few scoops and bowls! We love to use this tray for our small world play as well. They used to stock a beautiful white version but now it comes in either black or silver.

Cat litter tray

Another great option for holding sensory bases is this cat litter tray. It’s made of plastic so is a perfect one to use for any of your messier sensory bases like Oobleck or painting invitations!

Bases and tools for sensory play

Magic sand

There’s something so inviting about magic sand! We love using the Blue Magic Sand as an ocean base for our under the sea small world tubs. But it’s also a great option in a tub all on its own!

Balti dish

We love using metal bowls and containers during our sensory play sessions. They make such a beautiful sound when you pair them with a base like chickpeas or rainbow rice! This Balti Dish is a favourite of ours!

Mini tongs

No sensory toolkit is complete with some tongs! We love the small salad tongs from Kmart for transferring things like pom poms or animal counters as we play!

Sauce bottle

We love to add the sauce bottles to our outside mud kitchen area! We fill them with coloured water for our children to enjoy as they make mud pies. You can also add vinegar with a drop of food colouring and add a bowl of bicarb soda to your mud kitchen area ready for your little learner to explore!

7 piece measuring volume set

The measuring volume set is a fairly recent addition to the Kmart site but it’s a wonderful addition to your sensory play toolkit. Containers of different shapes and sizes are perfect for exploring early concepts of measurement with your little learners! Below is an example of an invitation you could enjoy using the Measuring Volume set.

Funnel set

Another new addition, the Funnel Set is perfect for exploring rainbow rice or even a tub of coloured water! Children exploring the Trajectory Schema will love playing with funnels as it allows them to explore movement as they play.

7 pot paint tray

We got something similar to the 7 pot paint tray from our local dollar shop and we’ve used it for many years for a variety of invitations! When our eldest was a toddler, she loved using the salad tongs to transfer coloured pom poms into the correct coloured pot. Each pot is removable too so they’re great additions to your sensory tubs!

Giant ice cube tray

The giant ice cube trays are perfect for sensory invitations! We used them for the invitation on the front of my Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers book to make some extra large coloured ice cubes for play!

Small world play items

Construction vehicles

The construction vehicles are very high on my essentials list! We use these little vehicles ALL the time and have done for many years now. They are the perfect size for little hands!

Sensory balls

One of my favourite gifts for new parents are some little sensory balls! We still use our baby sensory balls with our older toddlers and preschoolers because they’re so fun! Add them to a little basket ready for your baby to explore.

Insect tube

We love adding little animal figurines to our play stash – but you don’t need to spend a fortune! This little insect tube costs $3 and the animals are quite realistic. We use the frogs ALL the time!

As you can see, there are SO many wonderful things to play with at Kmart once you start looking!

In fact, you’ll spot many Kmart items in my Sensory Play Book! It’s full of simple ideas for you to enjoy with your little learners. I designed it to be a resource you can flip through with your child when you’re looking for something fun to enjoy together!

About the author

Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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