It’s no secret that I love picture books. In fact, if you visited our house right now, you’d find a bookshelf overflowing with picture books. We have so many that we don’t have enough space to store them all! I love nothing more than strolling through the children’s book aisle at our local bookstore.

I receive so many messages and emails from you asking for book recommendations for specific big moments in your child’s life. Things like welcoming a new baby into the family, starting school, going to hospital or losing a loved one. This week I’d like to share a beautiful company that I recently came across which specialises in personalised stories to help little people through these moments – My Big Moments.

My Big Moments aims to provide little learners with picture books to empower them to navigate new and unfamiliar experiences. Their series of beautifully written picture books feature language and ideas that will help develop resilience in your little learner. Children that are resilient are able to bounce back from tricky situations and big life experiences and milestones. But resilience isn’t something we are born naturally with – it’s actually a skill we must develop and a skill we must support our little learners to develop.

Last year, our eldest child Lilly started school for the first time. She was very anxious and worried about her first day. It was such a big, scary change in her life and she was very nervous about what it would be like. Her school provided an entire 13 week program of school readiness sessions which helped take away some of the uncertainty but she was still very nervous in the weeks leading up to the start of school. Can you guess what else did we do to help support her through these anxious feelings?

We read books! As a teacher myself, I already had quite the collection of picture books about school…but one of her favourites featured a child named Lilly – just like her! She was able to connect to the main character even more than any other book we read. My Big Moments share on their website that “personalisation fosters deep neural activity in the brain, making it the perfect way to involve and engage your child as they start in their own special story.”

And this is why I love the My Big Moments books. They are personalised with your child’s name AND you can choose what the supporting character looks like in the story as well. Each book also features a page at the back with additional ideas for grown-ups that are supporting their little learners through these experiences. ‘Ready for school’ would be the perfect story for any child about to begin school for the first time.

In their current catalogue, there are four books. ‘Ready for School’ is all about preparing for starting school. ‘Baby on the Way’ supports children who will be getting a new baby sibling! ‘The Hospital Trip’ eliminates some of the unknowns around your child’s first hospital stay.

There’s one final book in the current series called ‘Goodbye Comet’ and it explores the tricky concept of death, loss and saying goodbye to a special friend forever. Families in my community have suddenly lost loved ones and been unsure how to explain loss to their young children. Personalised stories like these are a really beautiful way to support our little learners through these incredibly difficult times. As the authors have written each story, they’ve consulted with a team of professionals such as psychologists, child mental health experts and a neuroscience educator…so you can be sure that the stories have been written in a way that is both age appropriate and resilience building.

If you’re supporting your little learner through a big milestone such as starting school, becoming a big brother or sister for the first time, visiting the hospital or navigating a loss of a loved ones, I highly recommend checking out the My Big Moments stories. They are all so beautifully written and illustrated and each book includes tips for the adults that are supporting their little learners through these tricky life obstacles!

Thank you to My Big Moments for kindly gifting me with the books featured in this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

About the author

Casey is an early years teacher turned homeschooling mum of three who passionate about helping other parents create a play-filled home. She loves adventure days outside in nature and loves a good sensory tub. You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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