I’m always on the lookout for engaging, hands on ways to learn sight words. One of the favourite activities in my Prep classroom was always sight word fishing!

Sight word fishing game for kindergarten students | editable template | sight word games | sight word activities | games for reading groups

All I did was type up our sight words onto my Editable Fish Templates, laminated them and cut them out. You can add a paperclip to the end or just a few staples. Next I found some magnetic fishing rods (Kmart have a great set in their wooden toy department) and then I set up this fun sensory tub! Add some blue rice, pebbles, coral and shells and then you have the perfect little tub for sight word work!

Sight Word Fishing - Editable Fish Template 2

You can grab a copy of my editable fish template here. I hope your students love this little game as much as my own!

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