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Today I am blogging about one of my favourite art projects for the Prep and Kindergarten classroom – watercolour shape birds. This is an activity I have done every year because it is so much fun!

I followed the step-by-step instructions for a watercolour shape bird by Deep Space Sparkle.Watercolour shape birds | art lesson for kindergarten students | guided drawing | quick and easy art

First we used black sharpies to draw our birds in small steps. I drew different examples on the board for each step so that the kids ended up with completely individual birds. We did different shaped bodies, heads, beaks, feet and those floppy head things combs.

Watercolour shape birds 2


Next we added different patterns, shapes and lines to the body. Some students did hearts, some did squares, some did squiggles. This is when the birds really took on their own personalities haha

Once everyone had finished, students went outside in small groups to paint their birds using liquid watercolours – my favourite!



 We cut them out and stuck them onto coloured paper and displayed them in the classroom. It was a great Letter B craft activity and a wonderful way to explore different shapes and lines.

Watercolour shape birds

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