Even though my teaching career has only been short, I had always felt most comfortable in Prep. This is probably because it was all I knew during the early days of my career.

As some of you may know, I taught Prep for two years with my very own class and absolutely loved it! That is until I fell pregnant and my contract wasn’t renewed (is that even allowed?!) so I started some relief work in 2014. I was offered a two week contract in Year 1 at the most beautiful little country school. By the time I had finished the contract, I decided that Year 1 was my new favourite year to teach EVER!

This week I have been sorting through some photos from my phone and came across the sweetest activity that I did with my adoptive Year 1 class. They were working on descriptive writing so I just knew it was time to channel my inner artist (haha) and do some guided drawing!

Step by step, we worked through the drawing of our fish. First we drew the body, then the tail, the face and fins. At each stage, I showed the students some different ideas that they could experiment with. Some students picked beautiful big smiles while others picked toothy grins. Some students drew sharp, pointy tails while others drew rounded mermaid inspired tails.

Once our outlines were finished, I encouraged the students to decorate their fish with different lines and shapes. This is when the fish really became individuals!

That afternoon, students used water colours to paint their fish. I just love how they all look completely different even though it was a guided art session.

The very next day when our beautiful artworks were dry, we did some descriptive writing. I encouraged the students to describe their fish in as much detail as they could. It was so lovely walking around the room and seeing the variety of descriptions.

It was great to be able to leave some beautiful artwork hanging in the classroom ready for their teacher to see on her return. I got some wonderful feedback from her and the parents which was truly heartwarming!

Don’t you think they did a beautiful job with their fish?!

About the author

Casey is an early years teacher turned homeschooling mum of three who passionate about helping other parents create a play-filled home. She loves adventure days outside in nature and loves a good sensory tub. You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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