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Maths has always been one of my absolute favourite subjects to teach prep kids! As a student myself, I always hated maths so when I began teaching, it was a personal goal of mine to make numeracy as fun and as engaging as possible!

Teach your Preschool, Prep and Kindergarten children early number skills with this fun, hands-on math game! Your child will love catching fish with their magnetic fishing rod and matching the number words, numerals, tally marks and ten frames! Perfect for a simple maths rotation activity or small group game.
Learning about numbers is a very large part of Prep numeracy so I’ve been working on lots of number games and activities. This week I would like to share my Number Fun Fishing Game with you all! I would use this game to reinforce the different ways we show numbers using numerals, words, ten frames and tally marks.

This game includes a set of 44 different coloured fish focusing on numbers zero to ten. Simply print, cut and laminate the fish then add a paperclip to each one. I pop all of the fish into a blue container or ‘pond’ then give students a fishing rod with a magnet attached to the end.

Students can then fish for numbers, reading the represented number as they catch the fish. Students can then sort the fish into groups which show zero, one, two, etc. You could also just place one colour in the pond (blue for word names) and have students sort the fish into ascending or decending order as they catch the fish.

There are so many possibilities for this game! You could even forget about the paperclips and use the fish for flashcards, a game of snap or even a game of Go Fish using just two of the four number variations!

How would you use this resource in your classroom?


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