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We have finished learning all of our individual sounds and have started to learn our digraphs this term! Normally I teach one or two digraphs or blends a week but this week I decided to teach wh, th,, sh and ch together using the ‘H Brothers’ – inspired by this pin on Pinterest.

I made these gorgeous posters as a visual reference and told the story of the four brothers. Whit loves to whistle but he’s not very good at it so he makes the /wh/ /wh/ wh/ sound as he tries his very best. Theo is very rude and is always poking his tongue out – he makes the /th/ /th/ /th/ sound. Charles is craaaaaazy about trains so he runs around the house making choo choo sounds – /ch/ /ch/ /ch/. Sherman is last – he’s very shy and very quiet. He spends his whole day telling his noisy brothers to be quiet – /sh/ /sh/ /sh/. My kids LOVED hearing the story for each brother and I can’t believe how quickly they picked up the FOUR new sounds!




After introducing the story, we brainstormed some words that had our new sounds. The /ch/ sound tricked quite a few kids so we will revisit it again next week. Please excuse the daggy photo – some of my writing was rubbed off before I could get to my camera haha



Once we had finished brainstorming, it was time to go on a hunt for our new sounds! I encouraged the kids to search the entire room for our new sounds and write down any words they could find. Some kids went to posters, others went to books. Some kids even went to their book boxes to look at their sight word cards for words! They recorded their words ever so neatly into their literacy books to share with their friends on the carpet afterwards.




It is SO exciting for me to see how well my kids are doing with their sounds this year! During my first year of teaching last year, I definitely wasn’t happy with where my kids finished at the end of the year but I’m another year wiser and have found so much inspiration on the blogs that I read and all over Pinterest. I must take a moment to thank all of the amazing, inspiring teachers that have helped me along the way over the past 18 months – you guys rock!

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Casey is an early years teacher turned stay at home mum to three little learners aged 6 and under. She is passionate about supporting parents that want to use play as a vehicle to bond with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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