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I have been so incredibly slack with my blog posts lately but I promise you, I have so many exciting things to share! The first being that I have finally reached 10 000 views on my blog!! I was so excited to view these stats when I logged on after an incredibly exhausting week in prep.

Last week we celebrated Book Week by dressing up as our favourite character from a book. I dressed up as Cat in the Hat because my class has gone nuts for Dr Suess books this term! Do you like my last minute nose made from materials I found in our construction box? I was too scared to draw my nose on just in case I ruined it so I decided to quickly make a nose before the kids arrived. Mind you, I wasn’t feeling too crash hot after inhaling permanent marker fumes all through our hour long parade!



After parading around the hall in our costumes, we came back to the room to taste some delicious green eggs and ham – much to the disgust of a few kiddies. Here I am cooking up our feast (minus a few important props from my costume haha).



Surprisingly, I only had three kids that refused to taste it and most of the others all loved the green eggs!! A few of the kids begged me to give the recipe to their parents so that they could eat it for breakfast every day. One Mum emailed me requesting the recipe and another student wanted my phone number so that his mum could call me for the recipe – so cute.
I absolutely love data collection so I couldn’t resist having the kids respond to the question, ‘Do you like Green Eggs and Ham?’ using this pack from A to Z Teacher Stuff.




Unfortunately I didn’t take too many other photos that I can share online – but here’s a photo of one of our very cute little Gingerbread Men. We also made crowns, wands and planted beans for our very own beanstalks. During the afternoon session, we ate all of the delicious food we had baked and enjoyed some Cat in the Hat movies before heading home. Would you believe I am STILL having nightmares about not being prepared for book week?




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Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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  1. Thanks Lauren! I must take some photos of our beanstalks on Monday! They still haven't started to shoot yet though so I'm a bit worried lol

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