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For the past few weeks, we have been learning all about addition during our maths time. We decided to make addition ladybugs to share our new learning with our parents! These gorgeous craftivities will also go in our end of the year portfolios that go home with parents during the last week of term.

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I pinned this idea by Little Minds at Work last year and even did this activity with my 2012 preps and it was so much fun! Last year I had the kids write the sum on their own (and cut out all of the pieces!) but this year I decided to give the kids a template for that and also gave the kids all of the pieces they would need to complete their ladybugs. This meant that my 1.5 hour activity from last year turned into a quick, 30 minute craftivity.


Addition ladybugs


I have included a free download of the addition template for you to download and print for your own addition ladybugs!

Addition ladybugs

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