I love doing rotations with my Preppies so I thought I would share some photos of some of the activities we did in rotations this week!
My lolly jar game is basically working on one to one correspondence and subitising with the dice. The kids love this game but I often catch them with a whole jar full of lollies! It’s a nice independent game but sometimes it does get a bit noisy!
This week I got the kids to make numerals out of playdough. Next week I’m thinking of adding some tens frames to the playdough station and getting the kids to make the numerals and show the number in the tens frame as well.
Over the weekend, I also made some new BUMP games for the kids to play in rotations. This game is also developing their ability to subitise the numbers on a dice but is also working on numeral recognisation and team work! I made three different game boards which are available to purchase as a set in my TPT store. Click the image below to go and check it out!

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Casey is a former teacher and now homeschooling mum of three who's all about infusing fun and learning into playtime! Her mission is to help families weave connection, play and education seamlessly into their daily lives. Whether it's through her playful, easy-to-use resources inside her Little Play Club membership or her inspiring daily tips on Instagram, Casey is your go to guide for creating a play-filled home. 

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