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Today I am spending the day at home due to Doctors orders! I was sick only 2 weeks ago with a cold and now it has flared up again and become a viral ear and throat infection. I am starting to lose my voice so the doctor suggested I stay at home today and rest my voice before it goes completely. I felt a bit anxious about leaving my class with no warning today but I left a 4 page plan for my relief teacher so hopefully they are all working super hard today and are on their best behaviour.

Our Science unit this term is about living things and their needs. We were supposed to go on nature walks around our school and collect animals to observe in our classroom. It turns out there is nothing interesting in our school and it is also very hard work trying to escort my 25 preps around the school grounds quietly (and alone) with only 2 hands when I really need 10. We have also had a lot of rain recently which also put a damper on our plans. I also found our mandated curriculum unit to be incredibly boring not very engaging. I ended up purchasing the Primary Connections unit which has been modified to fit in with our C2C units perfectly and it’s much more interesting and engaging! I’m finding our C2C units are too difficult to implement and take much more time than the 1 hour that it suggests.


I posted on facebook for help finding insects for my room which led to a lady on gumtree that sold stick insects for $3 – bargain!! Hubby and I went and got 4 stick insects for my room, cleaned mums old mouldy tank and collected sticks and leaves all in the space of 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon.   Don’t you think the tank looks amazing?! He also made some crafty DIY lids for the top of the tank using fly screen, cardboard and velcro dots lol



On Tuesday, hubby took the morning off work and followed me to school to help set up our new friends in my classroom. Apologies in advance for the terribly unfocused photograph of our science table lol but you get the idea! I’m wanting to add some more magnifying glasses and maybe some little textured bits and pieces for touching.



We have just started to talk about the needs of living things. We made a chart comparing what animals and humans need to live then the kiddies completed a graphic organiser showing what they needed to live. Most of the kiddies copied my example exactly but there were a good little handful that really thought hard about what they needed to survive (apples to eat, water bottles to drink from, a house to live in.)



We also took a little notebook each home this week to fill in some observations about our pets which the kids will share with the class during show and tell next week. We will begin to talk about pets in more detail next week! I also suggested turning home corner into a Vet [hoping to get some of my noisy boys away from the blocks and into some dramatic play] and before I knew it, the entire class were happily (but still noisily) engaged in some fabulous play!

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  1. Wow – so impressed with your ideas Casey! I'm not a fan of living things in my classroom (they ALWAYS die on me!) but the stick insects are a wonderful idea for when we do our similar unit.
    Hope you're having a great week and start to feel better soon.
    Lauren 🙂

  2. You did a great job! We had a stick insect enclosure in my Year 2 classroom 2 years ago and I managed to totally dehydrate the insect so when the person came to pick them up, they were feeling pretty distressed. Looks great

  3. Thanks ladies!! I'm not the best pet owner in the world but I'm hoping the kids will help me so that they survive and maybe even breed one day haha – it might be a bit of a stretch though! So they really do need the water sprayed on them? Ooops I assumed that was just a silly story – I had better spray them on Monday!

  4. I'm a prep teacher from Victoria, and that Primary Connections sheet looks very familiar! We are using Primary Connections too. Science is so much fun to do with the preps – they have such an amazing sense of wonder! I'm really enjoying reading your blog.

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