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This term, my prep class have been learning all about letter writing. We’ve written to story characters, our parents, our classmates and even another prep class at a different school. One of my peers told me about a video her class had watched on the smartboard – Click, clack, moo. Cows that type. I had read this story once before and loved it so much so when I heard that an animated version was available on youtube, I jumped at the chance to watch it with my kiddies and they LOVED it!


The cows decide that it’s too cold in their barn and write a letter to the farmer requesting an electric blanket. Of course, most of my kiddies had never heard of electric blankets and were very scared for the safety of the poor cows if their wish was granted! We stopped and spoke about the features of each letter and realised that sometimes the letters were a bit lazy and had forgotten the greeting and the closing!


Wev’e been using this cool little dude to help us to remember the important parts of a letter – the greeting, the body and the closing. The kiddies often laugh at my shocking drawing abilities haha.



After listening to the story, we decided to write a letter to the cows. I was very pleased when the kids had many different ideas to share! I modeled my own letter on the board – ‘Dear cows, I hope you don’t get too cold in the barn. From Miss M.’


The kiddies headed off to their desks to write their letters. I was very pleased with the results – everyone tried their best and did amazing stretching with their sounds.


Later that afternoon, we drew our own dairy cows using crayons and oil pastels. Some kids used crayons to add udders in pink, grass in green and clouds in blue. We then used water colours to paint the bits of our pictures. For some reason, the kids didn’t realise that dairy cows are usually white. I think the temptation to paint was too strong haha


This is our final product hanging in the room – the kids loved the little project and it has certainly brightened up our room!


I love this one – “To cow, I hope that you don’t get electrocuted. From x”

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Casey is an early years teacher who passionate about supporting parents and educators that want to use play as way to connect with their little learners and create magical memories of childhood! You can follow Casey on Instagram right here.

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    You left me a comment about my Gingerbread Man hunt. If you email me, it will be my pleasure to send you the clues that I have for the hunt. We go to the library, office, principal, canteen and the last clue takes us back to the classroom where I have had someone come and put the gingerbread man in our classroom.
    Welcome to the bloggy world. I am your newest follower.
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