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Hey there, I'm Casey!

As an early years teacher and parent to three little learners, I've had the privilege of working with parents and educators across the world to inject more play into their days at home with their own little learners.

I'm so passionate about keeping play simple and love nothing more than helping parents find easy systems they can set up in their homes to make play enjoyable, fast and memorable.

I cannot wait to be a part of your playful journey too!

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I want to nurture my baby's development through play

Want to learn how to use play to connect with your baby and while supporting their development playfully? Check out our brand new Baby Play Series!

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Quick and easy play ideas using things you already have around the house?! Our popular Sensory Play book is filled with fast ideas everyone will love!

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Designed by an early years teacher - hey, that's me! - our play-based resources make learning FUN! Simply print, prep and you'll be ready to play! 

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