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Simple and educational resources to support fine motor skills and early literacy and numeracy skills through play!

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Feed the farm animal sensory tub with corn kernels and farm animal faces secured onto empty cups. A toddler scoops the sensory base into the farm animal's mouths for an engaging play-based activity | Little Lifelong Learners

Printables for early learning

Trusted by thousands of parents and educators across the globe, our digital printables will help you create simple, engaging AND age-appropriate learning experiences for your little learners all while saving you time and effort!

Go from endless scrolling for play ideas that don't last...to having a curated toolkit of play ideas and resources to keep your little learners engaged for longer, making playtime a breeze!

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A mum sits at a table with her preschooler and enjoys a simple and easy sensory tub with her child. This fast and easy play idea is a great way to enjoy playtime with your child. Little Lifelong Learners

Unlock the secrets of toddler play with our Play Schema Bundle, guiding you to direct their boundless energy into engaging and self-driven play!

Sensory Play for Toddlers and Preschoolers is a book that makes sensory activities fun and easy for parents, educators and early childhood teachers. A mum sits with her child and looks at the easy instructions. Little Lifelong Learners - Casey Patch

Unleash your child's senses with sensory play adventures using everyday items, creating magical memories while nurturing their development!

A mum enjoys a simple baby play idea with her baby sitting beside her on a play mat. This easy play idea for babies makes connecting with your new baby easy and enjoyable! Little Lifelong Learners

Discover the joy of connecting with your baby through playful activities that support their growth and create treasured memories! It's time to make baby play FUN!

Free Busy Bag eBook filled with easy play ideas and printables to make prepping fast and easy, grab and go play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers easy! Little Lifelong Learners

Looking for easy ways to keep little hands busy?

Download the FREE Busy Bag eBook and bonus printables to learn how to support your toddler to play independently so you can get stuff done!

Hey there, I'm Casey!

As an early years teacher and parent to three little learners, I've had the privilege of working with thousands of parents and educators across the world to inject more play into their days at home with their own little learners.

I'm so passionate about keeping play simple and love nothing more than helping parents find easy systems they can set up in their homes to make play enjoyable, fast and memorable.

I can't wait to be a part of your playful journey!

Casey Patch is an early years teacher, homeschooling mum and parent to three neurodivergent children. Her company Little Lifelong Learners shares easy play ideas that make learning FUN for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and school aged children so their parents, educators and teachers can embed play-based learning into their everyday experiences!

Embark on a journey of bonded play and connection with your little learner!

Discover the Little Play Club, a monthly membership where independent play thrives and you find moments to recharge while nurturing your little learner's development, all through play!