Less planning, more free time!

Are you ready to cut down your planning time and gain back some precious free time?

The Little Lifelong Learners resource library is totally FREE and waiting for you!

FREE literacy resources!

  • Alphabet charts
  • Sight word books
  • Writing templates

FREE numeracy resources!

FREE subitising candy dice game for learning how to subitise | Knowing how many there are in a collection without counting | Fun games for Kindergarten, Prep and Foundation students and children | Australian Curriculum - Numeracy, Number |
  • Subitising games
  • Number games
  • Craftivity templates

FREE resources
for play!

  • High contrast cards
  • Vocabulary cards
  • Sensory play materials

And sooooo much more!

Wondering why you need these resources?

As a dedicated, fabulous and inspiring early childhood teacher, I'm not surprised you've found yourself here looking for ways to further support the needs of your little learners!

  • You put your little learners ahead of everything else in your life.
  • You stay up late every night planning engaging activities and creating amazing resources.
  • Your weekends are spent searching Pinterest for ways to ensure the success of every little learner.
  • You have to explain to your non-teacher friends that you don't "just play all day long" #dontgetmestarted

If you're sitting here nodding your head as you read, then I know that you're going to love all of the FREE resources in the library.

Free resource library full of printables for teaching and learning | Freebies for Australian teachers | Early childhood teaching for the Australian curriculum


I am so excited to use this resource! It was perfect timing with my planning for our term 4 science unit... Thank you for all of your hard work. It is very much appreciated.


Thanks for making my life easier! I love your work!


Thank you for the time spent working on this resource. Very useful and goes along well with our curriculum.